Outdoor Eye Candy

What time is it?

It's time to order your spring bulbs and plant them when the frost warning is over. Which I'm hoping for sanity sake will be soon.

One of the bulbs that I like to plant in my spring cutting garden are gladiolus. They're great for tall containers and vases that I own that require tall stems like these ...



You can learn more about planting gladiolus here and here. You can purchase the bulbs here or at your local garden center. When planting bulbs you need to know your planting zone ... you can find that here.

This is a quick shot of how I used them this weekend. 

When I plant my bulbs I like to put them in a specific cutting garden on the side of my house that's not very visible because when they start popping up I'm so tempted to pull them because they look like weeds to me.

Also, if these flowers are in one section of my garden it makes it easier for me to surround them with wire or remember to spray them with Liquid Fence to prevent them from being eaten by the deer who hang out and leisurely graze in my backyard. Two others I like to plant at this time of year are Dahlias and Lilies.

How about you ... what do you like to plant? Do you plant annuals or bulbs or both at this time of year?

Random Thoughts

OK, she's at it again. I just can't seen to get enough of her ...why is that? Every time she posts a makeup tutorial I find myself getting sucked in. Here's her latest.

You can check out her website here.