Bookcase styled three ways... part 3!

Last and final version... get ready for some serious color!

Kinda crazy with color, right? But fun, no? In this version I tried to spread the color around the display along with some neutral pieces to counterbalance all the color.
Remember 90% of this stuff was the clients own. I did purchase the pink border pillows and the white sheepskin throw. You can read about the other two bookcase styles here and here.
If you like this look and want to achieve it in your home check out the previous versions and add these:
Pink border pillows  - Caitlin Wilson Textiles
White sheepskin -Ikea or
you can use this pillow from West Elm.
Pink tinted wine glasses - here
Moss handbag - Valley Forge Flowers
One last observation... I mixed metals in this display. Are you horrified? Don't be. I thought it worked. Brass table and brass nail heads on the chairs and mostly silvery accent pieces in the bookcase--so don't worry about mixing metals in your own home.
Want to learn the secrets to styling your bookcase? You'll have to wait until my next post:)
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