Bookcase styled three ways!

Part II - Of a bookcase restyled

Blue is Beautiful, don't you think?

Paint color on bookshelves - sleigh bells Benjamin Moore

Okay, in my opinion this is probably the most liveable and lively version. I added various shades of blue throughout the bookcase for this monochromatic look.
I added some blue water bottles and I used navy and various shades of blue books (this is key --vary the shades of blue throughout the display). Teapot and small cups were owners. See the blue ball above next to the coral? ... kids toy - a mini blue bowling ball. Whatever works, right?

Even the flowers... knockout roses from the front yard.
To get a similar look:

Check out my first version here. And then add:
Jewelry box -  c wonder
Teapot  - c wonder
Plate - anthropologie

Next time I will reveal the most colorful of the bunch!

Also have you seen the latest Matchbook Magazine?

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Happy Monday!