Just a sprinkling of modern

House of Turquoise


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Did you notice a theme?
Did you pick up on what I was puttin' down?

Would you like to add just a touch of modern to your room without breaking the bank? Are you afraid to commit to this trendy look? Yep, me too.

Keeping that in mind, here's a roundup of reasonably priced peekaboo furniture pieces that you can add to your teens room,  traditional dining room/living room or stodgy old desk to make it a bit more funky get-down:)

Did you see in some pics above even just one piece of this furniture makes a HUGE impact:)




coffee table
coffee table

coffee table

Acrylic décor

Advantages to ghost-like furniture

1) Pretty indestructible
2) Goes with every color scheme and can be used in every room
3) Can take your room from stodgy to funky in a matter of minutes

What do you think?? LOVE or just too trendy?
I'm kinda digging it ... you?

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