A design board and a lighting dilemma...

I told you about my fun and color-friendly client, right? ... you know the one that I'm designing two seating areas for? You can read more about the seating arrangement here.

Well, here's her design board. Check her out ....
Totally family friendly yet fun and colorful.
One side of the room is designed for TV watching and will have a crazy colorful abstract and comfy seating for a family of four. The art will tie in all of the colors in this room (pillows and rugs are just examples not the real thang).
The other side of the room will have the armless four-chair (love these chairs btw) seating arrangement perfect for adult entertaining. It will also include a huge gallery wall that will be filled with family photos to make for an awesome conversation piece.

A piece similar to this is also going to make an appearance.

It was her mothers and we're going to fill it with family heirlooms and photos.

 And did I mention this client o'mine is extremely creative and talented? She owns her own company called Life Images and they make the most amazing wedding videos. If you know anyone about to get married... check this out.
Also, I'm working on finding the perfect pendant shade for another client... here are the contenders:

Restoration Hardware
Curry & Company




 I'm really drawn to black shades lately. I think we may go with the black... am loving the look and the price is right!


Yep, black it is!
Thanks for reading! xoxo

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