One Room Challenge: Week Four

Moving right along to week four. Yikes. Nothing new to report. Sad but true. I'm at a standstill... almost paralyzed on which direction I want to go from here. Ever feel that way? 
Remember my client's room...


Should never have jumped the gun earlier this week to talk about my host and hostess chair makeover which I was so excited about. If you missed my post you can read all about it here.
Chair Before
Chair After

Thought I would have done a lot more this week but no go! I did measure for rugs -- thinking about a neutral seagrass.... thoughts, suggestions, concerns????
So let's concentrate on the positive. The window treatments will be going up next week! That should be HUGE! Nothing finishes a room like window treatments and accessories. 

And they can't come soon enough.
 This console looks so sad and lonely doesn't she?
Not for long:)

Oh and you need to check out the rest of this party here!

Thanks for reading!! xoxo