Client update - a blue and white family room!

Here's my latest blue and white project.
Sharing at the Pink Pagoda Blue and White Bash!

Another case of chair envy has emerged.
This little slice of heaven was delivered to my client today.

Mind. Blown.  I mean...
Ain't she a beaut?
And what's even better is that there are two of them!
So it's double the fun:)
The chairs will be paired with this bright and shiny blue oomph coffee table. oooh -- I just love oomph.
We had a custom glass top made to fit over the raffia so the kids could safely put their drinks on the table and mom doesn't have to worry about staining (I think mom may have been more worried about red wine stains:)
While the above pieces will be the stars .... this luxurious sectional will be the workhorse in the room.
This family of six will be hanging relaxing and watching hockey games. 
 They are huge Ranger fans!
JUST KIDDING!!!!!! They are FLYERS FANS! xoxo
Don't you just love the brass nail heads? so chic.
Please note some of the other fabrics we are auditioning for this room lying on the sofa. AMAZING.
Furniture by CR Laine

Pillows will be here next week in this fabric

To learn more about this room and see past posts about the black trim you can go here!
So...whatcha think so far?
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