One Room Challenge: Week Two

Welcome back!!
Just to recap I'm working on sprucing up my daughter's room.
You can check out my design plan here.

Not only am I upping the style ante but I'm improving the function of my daughter's space.

She's in middle school now and gone are the days of toys, dollhouses and arts and crafts. She's spending more time studying in her room and hanging out with her friends. This room should carry her through until she leaves for college someday (OMG did I just say that out loud?).
She also plays a lot of sports and is a bit of a fashionista. One of the struggles we've had is keeping her organized. Keeping track of school uniforms, sports pinnies, lax socks, basketball sneakers, shin guards, etc. you get my drift.

So we've had her closet done professionally to improve function.

So here's her new closet...


Exciting, right? Not so much I know but it will improve the function of her room:)
Tips for closet organization especially for your young child/pre-teen/teen, etc.
1) Include drawers --- you can NEVER have enough drawer space. Forget a closet full of open shelving your kids will NEVER ever keep their clothes stacked and folded neatly. never. ever. And if you think they will hang their clothes up? HA! laughable ... at least in my case.
2) Forgo the in-closet hamper your kids will never open the closet door and pull open the hamper and drop in their dirty clothes. Never -- too many steps. How do I know? Because I've made that mistake before. My kids do best with a laundry basket with an open top even then .... questionable.
3) Include shelves for shoes. They can keep out of season shoes/boots in that spot.

4)Make sure most of the hanging space is a "double hang". You won't need much space for long items.

Speaking of closets here's one of my favorite scenes from Sex in the City

Here's the link

I thought I'd throw in a sneak peek of the other side of the room too!

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