Details of A Beach Bungalow Before and After

Here's a fun project our firm worked on last summer. It's a beach bungalow that was built in the early 70's.

skdwholehous42nd_street_overview_01 (1).jpg

This is what the kitchen and dining room looked like before.

We decided to remove the center door and take the cabinetry all along the back wall. Now I hate to remove any natural light source from a space but we needed the storage and I knew it would be a great focal point to have open shelving, additional cabinetry and a fabulous dining space as a focal point. Here's what we did....


We removed the soffits, old cabinetry and appliances and purchased new cabinets and appliances. We also removed a wall on the side of the kitchen because it would make the space feel bigger and much brighter.  

We wanted to add more natural light to the space so we replaced this window with a sliding glass door.

We also added new flooring removed the paneling and replaced it with drywall. Now that I think about it... it was a pretty big job. Ha!

Here is the after again!


Here is the entire back wall.


And don't worry area rug and white slip covered chairs are indoor/outdoor. This house was designed and decorated for FUN and summer memories! 

And here is the living area opposite the kitchen with adorable Casey enjoying the dog days of summer!


Thanks for reading! P.S.This whole renovation was designed by moi and was very stressful but lots of fun!!:) All Photography by Kyle Borne Photography.