Before and After - A Beach House Refresh in the OC!

Don't fall over ... I'm writing another blog post.

My team and I worked all winter on my good friend and client's beach house to give it a fun, beachy laid-back feel. And by team I mean my clients, my crew of Drexel U interns and Ashley my extremely talented design assistant not sure it would have turned out as fabulous if it weren't for them! Yay team!

The goal for this project was to make our client's home a place where they could escape to on the weekends and hang out with friends, family and loads of cousins! It had to be beautiful and fresh as well as durable and functional for large family get-togethers!

So here's the first space we'll chat about...


Here's the before.

franklinbefore 005.PNG

Now they hadn't updated in awhile and they needed new everything. Keep in mind this family doesn't let a lot of grass grow under their feet. They travel all the time to fun and fabulous places. But the OC in the summer is one of their favorite and most special places because it means spending quality time with their family during summer break.

They also knew it was time for a whole house refresh so we started in the kitchen by refacing the cabinetry and updating the eating area with statement lighting, parsons table and new chairs. We also wanted to change out the window treatment so we added this little number with a fringe along the bottom. The fabric and light are a match made in heaven:)


Here are some more detail shots of the dining area...


We updated every corner of this house including the seating and TV-watching areas. This next little nook needed some help. The chair and table were too far from the TV/fireplace and conversation area. We decided to scrap the whole chair and table thing in favor of a swing chair instead and hung it closer to the TV/conversation/seating area.

Here is what it looks like now


We added the swing to give the kids something new to fight over... just kidding!!! But seriously it's super comfortable and the best seat in the whole house. 

Opposite the swing chair we added a sofa and this is where my pics get a little scarce so I'll have to write a part 2 to this post. But here's the spot before.

And here's the progress shot minus the cool teak table we added.

franklinbefore 003.PNG

The sofa is from LEE industries and has a  super fab driftwood base and crypton fabric which is the only fabric I'll specify for a house full of rowdy beach kids. The navy pillow is a custom fabric from Kravet but the fringe pillow is from Target and was bought to tie in the fringe from the window treatment.

Here's a peek at the teak table we sourced.

That's all I have for now! I'll be back with more pictures of this beach house!

Happy Summer!

Thanks for reading xoxox