Kitchen Makeover

Thanks for stopping by to learn all about this beautiful, fun and casual kitchen renovation we worked on last winter. 


Our client is a hip young physician who lives in one of the hottest neighborhoods in Philadelphia. She came to us with a cramped, dreary kitchen that was lacking storage, function, style and OMG a dishwasher!! 

Check out the before below.... please take note of the fridge location, electrial work, cabinet hardware and oven placement ??!!?!??!!


You see I would definitely classify this as dated and frankly not user friendly at all. So we sat down with our client to see how we could help solve all of her kitchen woes.

She said she wanted a fresh, bright new kitchen that was functional, comfortable and casual. Nothing too glam or modern.  We agreed to stay true to the age and architecture of the home. It was actually built in the 1940's and when you enter her home the vestibule has the original mosaic tile floor and the staircase has all of the original detailed mill work. Truly amazing (sorry no pics).  

So here's what the kitchen looks like now! An epic improvement.


We selected cabinets painted in Mt. Etna from Sherwin Williams. We added brushed brass hardware and a new porcelain apron sink. The counter tops are quartz and the floor is a pretty gray stone tile.

We added new recessed lighting and sconces above the open shelves. There had only been fluorescent lighting before --eeeek!

My client's contractor and friend fabricated the live edge shelves for her. So cool and right up her alley. Oh and most importantly we switched the layout around and added an 18 inch dishwasher next to the sink.  We moved the fridge to the other side of the room and widened the door casing as well.

There was unused space opposite the oven too narrow to add full size cabinetry so we added 15 inch wide cabinets and our client is using it as a server/buffet/coffee station.  Her contractor had to remove the old radiator that was there and add a smaller one --no small feat. Those things weigh a ton. 

I think something suddenly came up that day and I wasn't there for that.

My client actually had to go to a local salvage yard to find a radiator that would work.

We also added woven blinds for warmth and texture and a fun over-dyed blue rug.


There you have it small but packed with function, style and lots of personality!

Thanks so much NR and KB! Such a fun project!

Flowers are from my client's favorite flower shop in Philadelphia you can find more info on instagram @ashnearth

Photography:Kyle Born Photography

Thanks for reading! xoxo