One Room Challenge: Week Three


Here we are at week three! 

If you are just joining me and new here my name is Stephanie Kraus and I own a boutique residential interior design firm outside of Philadelphia. Custom design is our passion and we specialize in creating unique, bespoke interiors for our clients. In this case it is for my 8 year old son Christopher:) Not a very discerning client but completely adorable.


He's the little one hugging our dog Casey. I decided to tackle Christopher's room because the layout was awful, decor outdated and storage non-existent.  If you'd like to see what I'm referring to you can check out week one and week two

We have a new layout for his room in place and everything selected so we're just waiting on all of the pieces of the puzzle to arrive. 

So what was accomplished this week? A lot considering I was gone most of the week at High Point market. 

Here's what we did (and by "we" I mean my team:)

Painted the room and trim - the room was sage green before and we wanted to give it a fresh coat of white paint so the wallpaper we chose will pop and the room will feel fresh and clean.

We hung this wallpaper from Milton and King - this wallpaper was chosen because of its deep blue indigo color and it's cool/hip vibe.

This cobalt blue lamp came and it's even better in person! Now we not only have overhead recessed lights but we added a table lamp to spread light around the room and help my son see while reading in bed. 

This fun mirror from Overstock arrived and I absolutely love the texture. It will pair perfectly with the furniture and wallpaper.

And I just signed for this really awesome new art piece from Gray Malin called disco nap! Perfect for my son's bedroom.

Not bad for not being here. 

Here 's a few pictures....

Gorgeous new lamp with night stand that has USB ports built right into the furntiure! Brilliant!


Fabulous and fun piece from Gray Malin called disco nap:)


What's next?

We are are waiting on custom bed, custom bedskirt and custom roman shade. The keyword is custom and it will be the most dramatic part of the room. We are using this fabric from stroheim for the bed and this fabric from Fabricut for the custom roman shade. Once they arrive we will accessorize and be done! Sounds easier that it is I'm sure.

This is the rest of the talented crew participating in the one room challenge and taking on much more challenging projects that I am!  Don't forget to check out their links below!

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