One Room Challenge: Week One

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Good morning! For those of you who are new welcome to my blog!  I'm so glad that you're here! My name is Stephanie Kraus and I own a boutique design firm located outside of Philadelphia, PA. We have an incredible team here that designs beautiful residential interiors and on occasion small commercial projects. I'm super excited to be participating in the one room challenge this spring!

This is my fourth one room challenge and second time as a featured designer. Here are some of my past one room challenge spaces.


Such fun projects!

This time around I'm thrilled to be in the company of so many talented designers and design bloggers. I'm so thankful for Linda from the One Room Challenge for the invitation and the media sponsor House Beautiful to make all of this possible for us!

The Room

So what room will I be re-designing? I really thought about this long and hard. We're working on so many gorgeous projects right now but none that I could even fathom accomplishing in the next six weeks. Six weeks is an extremely tight timeline for me so any project that would require renovations would be completely out of the question. I just can't work that fast!

So I decided to tackle my youngest son's room who just turned eight. Which is perfect because its small and it's in desperate need of a makeover. Here is my client---


Happy little guy!

Honestly, I don't think his room has been touched since we moved in many years ago. It started out as a nursery for my daughter with walls painted in that "I'm not finding out what I'm having so I'll paint the walls sage green" color . And we haven't paid any attention to it since then. So sad.

But before you you judge me he's my third and last and a complete nomad. Meaning I don't think he spends more than five minutes a day in his room. He's always with his older brother and sister in their rooms  (he even sleeps in their rooms -- yikes --I know so wrong-- but that's a whole other blog post) or he's in our basement or family room. He is NEVER in his own room. Which makes the function of the space easy for me to design. He races in a few times a day to change his clothes so when he zips in and out we want to make the room look fun, happy and free-spirited just like him!

The Plan

We're going to rid ourselves of the horrible green paint color. Trade in the two twin beds (hand me downs from my older son) for a full size bed knowing he will grow into this new bed and it will last him until he goes off to college someday. OMG did I just write that? I hope he never leaves me:)

We'll need to to replace the night stand (another hand me down) and add new bedding, new window treatments, new dresser and new lighting. We'll also fit his closet with cabinetry so it will be more efficient for storing clothes, shoes and other essential hand me downs!


Check back with me next week when I share my design plan and all of the fabulous and fun items I have sourced for this room! I can't wait to share:)

Please join me in following along with these amazing designers and bloggers as they tackle the one room challenge... I can't wait to see what rooms they picked!

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