Project Reveal Part 3 - Berwyn Farmhouse Kids Rooms and Reading Nook

Kids Bedrooms / Nook

Welcome to part 3 of our reveal! I’m taking a trip up to the second floor to talk about the kids rooms and reading nook. The most colorful and lively part of the tour!

The design and styling of each bedroom was tailored to the personality of each of our clients children. Like the rest of the home we discussed in detail how each room was to look, feel, and function. I’m a big believer in kids spaces being colorful and fun knowing that the decorative part will change over the years as the children grow and change. In addition to special pieces owned by our little clients, every item you see down to the books in the reading nook were curated and selected by our team so we could get each space exactly right. Detailed, custom design is so important to our clients and my firm.

First up is their daughter’s room. She loves pink, pattern, color and this cool, eclectic vibe was her choice. Not to mention she is ADORABLE! She fell in love with her bed, nightstands and all of the fun stuff we styled her space with.

There is NO WAY you can be anything but happy and upbeat when you wake up in this space. Am I right? There is so much pattern, color and texture in here!


Of course we needed built-ins and a window seat for storage and super cool pillows!

190618-SK_Berwyn_023.V2 - Copy.jpg

And this cute little bathroom! I love everything about it for our favorite 8 year old gal:)


Moving onto our shared space nook. We designed this area knowing this space will change as the needs of the kids change. Right now it functions as a reading nook for our client's son and daughter. A small space but with lots of personality.We love layering area rugs and these vintage rugs add a pop of color and pattern! Also, I rarely specify armless chairs but these were extremely comfy and cool so they were a go!


Next up is their son’s room. We loved the shiplap ceiling detail and the contrast of the black bed and swing arm sconces. We wanted to keep it simple and clean yet boyish. He loves sports and spending summers at the beach surfing and you can see little touches of that throughout the room.


And yes, the plants are faux… but so real looking in person. Found and curated on one of our buying trips!


I certainly hope all of this color brightened your day! Thanks again for following along!