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Kitchen before and after and how to make a cool chandelier out of flowers!!

So we have blue and white client kitchen progress...woot woot!!

This kitchen is the second phase of a dining room makeover which I revealed in Calling it Home's One Room Challenge.... you can see that before and after here.
Still needs the window seat cushion, accessories, rugs and the range hood but we've come along way baby!

blue and white fabric on windows Windsor Smith for Kravet, blue and white bistro chairs from Serena and Lilly

Pillows on bench from C Wonder and Serena and Lilly

Cache pot from Domocile, Wayne PA

Let's recall the before, shall we?
Now one last looksie
 -- LOVE ---this family and I hope they enjoy every second in their new kitch!
 Don't worry I'll share more when it's finally complete!!

Check this beauty out...

Cool huh? Especially if you will be hosting Thanksgiving.
Breathtaking if hanging over your table:)

Wanna impress the fam? Here's how to make it here!
And you don't have to use brown and orange Thanksgiving colors -- use fun fresh fab colors and shake it up!!

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One Room Challenge: Week 6.... the finale.

Time's up! Put your pencils down.

Thanks to Linda for hosting this party and inviting me to link up! Thanks to my fantastic clients and Andrew Lam Photography for putting up with all this craziness!!

If you missed previous weeks you can start here.

And here's where we are at the six-week mark.
Not done... but almost there:)

Hold it. Let's stop and take a look at the Before images before I carry on.

Okay, now here's the after.

NOW KEEP IN MIND NO NEW FURNITRE WAS PURCHASED!! It can be done people on a tight budget. We don't need to thow everything out and start over now do we???










Well, it's about 80% there. To quote my client "the last 10% of this remodel is taking longer than the first 90%."  So true. Remember that anytime you take on a design project--it's the little details that take the longest.
So, what's missing?
This light

Well, she's arriving fashionably late .... sometime in November


Still missing
New floor lamps
 Final styling and editing
Sources - only 6 weeks to pull this room together?
Right off the floor my friends from ....
Benjamin Moore - paint color is Hale Navy
Table, console, all chairs, bench - clients own
Large rectangular mirror - clients own
Lamps- clients own
Cubes - clients own, custom fabric available from SKD
Striped chairs - clients own,  fabric available from SKD
(see not bad for not buying any new furniture from this room)
Gold Bowls and boxwood - Willow, Haverford, PA
Wheat Sheaf Sconces - High Street Market
White monogram box - C Wonder
Pillows - navy C Wonder similar here, pink geometric - custom by SKD
Navy and white plates - Crate and Barrel
Blue and white vases - Wisteria
White vases - Home Goods
Gold Bowls - Home Goods
Round mirror - clients own
Sunburst mirror - Vintage Home, Paoli PA
Moroccan shaped mirror - Bed Bath and Beyond
Window Treatments - custom by SKD

Now go and check out these other talented people who participated here!!

oh ---and another BIG shout out to Stephanie Shaw of Stephanie Shaw Designs.... thanks for your collaboration, input and letting me hang around your talented self:)

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Things I'm all about this week.

Have you read this article yet ... The Sweet Spot?
You can read it hereIt's so well-written and if you have kids you'll either remember the sweet spot, will be there soon or if your lucky enough you're in the sweet spot right now:)

This house featured on Coco & Kelley .. it just screams summer time to to me! All bright with butterflies, vines and flowers...

featured in Living, etc.
Wallpaper Schumacher

I'm also all about summer sales. Here are some deals I found...
 (and psssssst.... everything is under $100!)

This art 

On sale for $75 by Jenny Vorwaller. You can find it at Joy & Revelry.

Monogrammed glass hurricanes are 20% off at Pottery Barn.

These chairs and these chairs at Restoration Hardware are $29-$39. At that price?  No need to buy folding chairs anymore--how great would these be for large dinner parties or hosting thanksgiving dinner, right?

This black metal planter from Restoration Hardware is $83.

This lucite tray is 50% off at C Wonder.

Need an Ikat pillow? This one from C Wonder-- 50% off. This sale is insane. You must check it out!

These mercury glass vases are less than $20 at West Elm.

Bold black and white abstract paintings at West Elm are $69. And this would be a great way to display them ....

lonny magazine


This outdoor rug from Company C is 20% off. I'm going to use it on my lower level patio attached to the walk-out basement. It's a total snooze fest out there and this will certainly brighten things up.

If you don't know about Company C you should! These folks know color... it's their passion in life.  Here's some of their other goodies...

Company C pillows
Company C chair
Company C chair

Company C bedding

And last but certainly not least,  you won't want to miss the new August/September online issue of Adore magazine from our mates down under.

You can read it here

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Red White and Blue Love

Happy July 4th!

Meg Braff Interiors

Tobi Farley


Do you want to add a little red, white and blue to your life?

Wisteria rug



lulu & georgia


Arianna belle

c wonder
Zinc Door

oomph online

Society Social

Taking a break to enjoy the holiday! Let's chat when I get back! Have a great weekend and thanks for reading! xoxo

Bookcase styled three ways!

Part II - Of a bookcase restyled

Blue is Beautiful, don't you think?

Paint color on bookshelves - sleigh bells Benjamin Moore

Okay, in my opinion this is probably the most liveable and lively version. I added various shades of blue throughout the bookcase for this monochromatic look.
I added some blue water bottles and I used navy and various shades of blue books (this is key --vary the shades of blue throughout the display). Teapot and small cups were owners. See the blue ball above next to the coral? ... kids toy - a mini blue bowling ball. Whatever works, right?

Even the flowers... knockout roses from the front yard.
To get a similar look:

Check out my first version here. And then add:
Jewelry box -  c wonder
Teapot  - c wonder
Plate - anthropologie

Next time I will reveal the most colorful of the bunch!

Also have you seen the latest Matchbook Magazine?

 No? Check it out here!

Happy Monday!


Little bits of this and that.

That's how I was feeling this week ... kind of all over the place. Ever feel that way?

Let's start with the early part of the week I helped fellow designer, Stephanie Shaw of Stephanie Shaw Designs style a clients daughter's room for a photo shoot that will be featured in her design portfolio.

Stephanie is an unbelievably talented designer and so fun to work with! Here's a sneak peak of her room ...

I love how she paired teal and orange together in this desk area. And that Ikea acrylic chair? I'm diggin' it at just $79.

 If you'd like to add some pops of orange to your life, try these...

lulu and Georgia rug


c wonder

c wonder

Jonathan Adler
z gallerie


Loving these for projects I'm working on


Simple, clean lines





And fancy-shmancy...


The allium just bloomed in my garden. Pretty, huh? I talked about how easy they are to grow  here.

Bought these at Whole Foods. Just love peonies, don't you?
pink peonies

white peonies

Go out and treat yourself to a bouquet today- you deserve it!
I  saw the Great Gatsby.
 Not exactly what I was expecting but it was incredible. Total thumb's up. Just love Leonardo DiCaprio and the movie made me want to chop my hair off again.
 Check out these looks.
Daisy Buchanan
Jordan Baker --Daisy's friend
So chic, right?

Have a great holiday weekend!

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How to Style a Coffee Table With Four Simple and Meaningful Elements


I'm going to make this super easy and give you a quick formula for a stylish table all of your friends will envy.

You'll need four elements of varying height, shape and texture such as:
1) "Meaningful to you" Coffee Table Books
2)  Fun Tray
3)  Fresh Flowers/Greens
4)  Sculptural elements, knick-knacks, etc.
I have styled many a coffee table in my day but I'll be honest all I have on my table right now is a tray and a topiary.


Funny you should ask. Remember this guy?

And, yes, he is about to eat a sand-covered crab
Code Name: Pig-Pen, Master of Disaster, Bam-bam
His mission: To have as much fun during waking hours as possible -- Good for him. We should all live life like this!!
Result:  Life's one big partay!
Until something breaks.
Which it does
So if you're like me and still have little ones a tray and something unbreakable may be the best style solution for you and your coffee table right now.
But a girl can dream can't she? ... so here's my no fail formula for stylin' and profilin' your table. I'll admit I'm jelly of all you gals out there with beautifully styled tables!

Here's what you'll need ...
Coffee Table Books

I try to use books that have special meaning to me in addition to pretty books that go with my décor. I know we've discussed how your home is a reflection of you and your family. Try to be as authentic as you can when you decorate!
I wrote about some of my coffee table faves here. I buy books at my local bookstore but if I'm trying to keep costs down or if I'm in a jam I shop at Amazon. Or I scope out my local Barnes and Noble for bargain coffee table books.
Here's a few I found recently that "speak" to me:
Because I Love Roses
 We love to visit this city

This is where my great-grandparents were born

This would be great for my brother-in-law
I am speechless when it comes to Adele's attitude, beauty and talent

For Mad Men lovers

You feel me? Are you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down? Don't just use pretty books include books that are meaningful and fun in the mix.

If you want a real conversation starter how 'bout this one?
Jonathan Adler
People, you can't make this stuff up ...
Moving on. 
Some other pretties: 

Once I have my books I stack them in three's placing the largest one on the bottom. Some tables are so large that you can have several stacks on top and bottom. 
You can coordinate book
colors with your decor or mix them up. Also to save $$ take the covers off some of the hardback books you already own. I'll bet they can work too!
Next to my books I typically place a tray. I wrote about a few of my favorite trays here. You can make your tray more personal by having it monogrammed.


Additional tray sources:

iomoi see below for source


 on the tray I place more books and/or ...
Your Favorite Flowers/Greens/Branches
Real or fresh work best. If that's not happening I like to have preserved boxwoods or faux flowers that look so real you'd never know. This is a great place to add height to the vignette your putting together -- see below.

AND then...

Sculptural elements or knick-knacks
These items can sit on the stack of books or on your tray. If you haven't added any height to you table scape now is the time. I wrote about these elements here.
jonathan adler
Oh my god - I have been looking everywhere for a brass banana.

brass urchin at high street market
High Street Market

House Beautiful, obviously:)

design manifest 
So there you have it. Hope it was helpful;:)
I also hope to see you at the West Elm grand opening in KOP on Wednesday night May 15th at 6:30 pm. I wrote about that here!


Ten Things I'm Pondering ... in no particular order!

#1  C Wonder Gold Serving Pieces

I introduced them at a little soiree I was hosting and now I'm addicted! And like us they are much better looking in person. 

C Wonder
They looked so pretty with the gold and white chevron runner and white funky bowls my table was sporting.

paper source



#2 Mothers Day

I'm treating my mom to this beautiful Know Me Journal.

Know Me Journal

My kids are forever peppering my parents with questions like What sports did you play when you were growing up?, Where did you live?, What were my great-grandparents like?  I could go on and on.

So I'm going to arrange a nice sleepover over at the grandparents house (wink, wink) and my mom can answer all of these lovely questions for my kids.

Perfect, right? An oral and written history of my mom's life ... documented memories perfect for all of us to keep and cherish forever.

By the way, these journals are written by an amazingly talented local Wayne woman named Gretchen MacMurry MacKenzie. You can read more about her here. My own words could never do her inspirational story justice. Trust me on this:)

In addition, a portion of all journal sales goes to charity. You can read about that here.

#3 A Caftan 

Too much? Maybe a little too Mrs. Roper?

Looks comfy but I don't know if I could pull it off... probably not.
India Hicks
Lilly Pulitzer
Society Social

#4 Table Lamps




Both Circa
I can't go wrong with either of these beauties can I?

#5   Meal Delivery Service

Too extravagant, right? ...  maybe?

After I wrote the post on moving to a plant-based diet here. I've received several emails from readers recommending Real Food Works in Conshohocken, PA.

You can order as little as 5 meals per week and they offer gluten-free and all natural meals.  Their website says...

"The ingredients in our meals are 100% from-the-earth. Read: if it grows naturally, it's in. If it's made in a factory, it's out."

Kinda Heidi Klumish wouldn't you say?... Natural food in, processed food...YOUR OUT! Aufwiedersehn! (in a German accent with a double kiss --of course).
Definitely something to ponder. Learn more about their meals here.

#6  Spring Cleaning 

I have a confession to make.  I'm absolutely petrified to clean my electronic devices like my camera and computer screens. Does anyone else share that same phobia? Why is that? 

Well, I'm going to take the mystery and fear out of it for all of us. Check out Design Mom's tips for cleaning all things techie here.

#7 Books

These books for my nieces. This first one --- just because it's Audrey. And I love all things Hepburn. A classy friend of mine gave it away as swag at her daughter (Audrey's) birthday party and it was just perfect -- like Audrey herself.

And this adorable book from the same author here.

#8 This Bar Cart

She'd be great for entertaining this summer. All sassy and brassy and holding lots of alcohol. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

Society Social

#9 This Ikat Topper
Two Penny Blue
You can buy it here at Two Penny Blue.  
#10 This Gossip Chair
oomph online
Just because it's cooky and pretty at the same time!

And I mean, really? How would you converse with someone in this chair?

Have a GREAT weekend! If you need to refresh your home for spring and summer shoot me an email at kraussteph@yahoo.com. More information on my services above!