chair styles

What's your chair style?

When you're designing your table and seating arrangement do you keep it all uniform like so?

Tobi Fairley ... you check it out here!


Or are you like "Hey, let's shake it up a bit in here??? 

Caitlin Wilson

Here are my rules of engagement when planning what chairs you should use around a kitchen or a dining room table.
Have a round or square table?
I tend to keep all of the chairs the same...
Rectangular or Oval Table?
Love mixing it up by choosing different host and hostess chair styles.
Although, I love keeping the scale of the chairs the same ....
Honestly? I'm totally torn.
What's your chair style?
Do you like to shake things up or keep it all uni??
Also on my mind?
Big shades.
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I just need a room large enough for one of these babies:)
And, I'm actually recommending one for a client of mine and doing the research as we speak. I'll share my finds next time!
Keepin' it Realz
Have you tried these yet?
They're life-changing.
I'll be honest I have no idea how much laundry detergent to use in every load. I wing it every single time. 
This is like laundry for dummies. Perfect amount and no mess or drips. Your laundry room will thank you.
 Thanks for reading! xoxo