dark grey walls

It's going down .... I'm yelling timber! and a few fabric schemes you may want to pin!

I. Am. Done.With. Snow. Days. You?
Okay I've been forced to lock myself in my office for a few hours  to avoid the WWE smackdown that was going down in my family room yesterday... no wifi, no x-box, no on-demand. Can you imagine my pain?
So I started obsessing over my favorite thing in the world.
I then came up with several insta-rooms... you know ... just like the editorial piece they do in House Beautiful every month?
Here's my lame attempt at this using just what I had in my office.
Here we go...
Not a Huge fan but if I were
Color of the year .... Radiant orchid
More my speed... navy and green
(I'm already rolling with this one for a client)

Orange and Pink
Because I'm obsessed with Manual Canovas
I would definitely add a thin stripe to this mix.
Because this says spring to me...
Needs a good apple green solid added to the mix!
So there you have it ... pin away!
oh, one last thing here's what's going down at my house today.  Here's a sneak peek:)

I finally bit the bullet.
Thanks for reading!! xoxo