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Things I'm all about this week...

Linda over at Calling it Home found an Etsy shop who sells floor plans of famous TV shows. How fun would this be framed  in your closet?

Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment

Even the coolest designers make mistakes. Check out Emily Henderson's mistake room here. You would never know it by  looking at the finished space below!

Now here's something I can really get into ... the "no makeup" makeup look. You can watch the how to video from Maskcara here. LOVE this.

Maybe you can tear your girls away from their rainbow loom for a bit to make this?

A diy barrette from the M & J Trim blog. A super easy project for my daughter to do check it out here.

My color combo for fall
Emerald green and leopard... who's gonna let me design their space with this combo??? anyone?????
 I'm thinking this emerald green grasscloth
Paired with lots of these
On instagram?
Looking to follow some peeps other than your kids and a few hip friends?
Try these top 10 instagrammers to follow from the Camille Styles blog.
Be in the know.
Last but certainly not least, the eternal song of the summer debate.
My vote? Blurred Lines.... yours?
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The Devil is in the Details

Just picked up this trim on sale.

Love it. It's almost 2 1/2 inches wide. Substantial--that's how I like my trim. I'm gonna add it to a plain pair of panels for WAY less than $100. I found it here.

Have you ever wondered who makes the best ready-made AND inexpensive drapery panels? Of course you have. This is the best article I've ever read on the subject. Evah. Read it here. It's a long one -- so skim it. It's written by the adorable Emily Henderson of HGTV.

emily henderson
ADORABLE isn't she???
Purchase the ready-made panels add some trim detail and voila custom made draperies!

Seriously, these curtains from Serena and Lilly are screaming DIY.

Purchase the ready-made panels and add this trim.
They probably have the exact trim on this site I just grabbed the first picture I saw because my kids are screaming in the background. Am afraid to go down stairs now.

Ok all is well. Just a bag of potato chips thrown all around the room and my sofa is now a castle/fort. Could have been a LOT worse.

Don't have mad sewing skills? Use this to attach.  Pour a bit on a paper plate and use a small paint brush to apply a generous amount of the glue to the trim and then to your curtains. Don't worry if you get any extra glue on the panel it dries undetectable. Perfect for a little girl or teens room.

Before and After from a reader!

I am so excited I received some before and after pics from a reader. Not sure if I was more excited over the pictures or that someone is reading my blog other than my mom:)

Here is the before picture of her beautiful interior french doors:

Now here is the after:

Did you just hear that???? That was three snaps in a Z formation.

Stunning, right?

This gal has some serious style. And she's a busy realtor to boot!   She's successful and has great taste... gotta love it!

Just a simple detail like painting a french door high gloss black will make your interior feel rich and glam. Here are some other doors sporting the high gloss black thing...




Random Thoughts

For all you gals going on spring break. Best bathing suite EVER. You can buy it here. So flattering and feels comfortable. Trust me on this. I have seen everyone from 16 to 60 in this. EVERYONE looks good. Worth every red cent you will pay.

Looking for a new scent? I haven't used this in forever but just rediscovered it and it is so fresh and clean. It has to be the Magnolia version. You can buy it here.

Now let's get back to keeping it real...

Before you head to Target again check out this site. These pillows and rugs were featured there. Don't love all of her fashion picks (she's mighty young so the fashion is not for me) but its worth a looksy.

Picking up any of these for your Easter table?

Well here is an article from Whole Foods (yep I said Whole Foods) on how to get the most out of your tulips!

Dear Spring,
If you don't get here very soon I may just loose my marbles. Please hurry.
Your number one fan

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