good deeds

A little break from the norm... a little story to warm your home--- oops I mean your heart!! xoxo

Please bare with me as I tell you this little ditty. And I promise I will get  back to some pretty pics!
My husband went to NYC this week for work. As he got off the train and stood in line for a taxi, he was contemplating the very rough week he had and waited patiently for his taxi driver to pull up.

As he was about to get into the taxi,  he looked at the driver and something sparked his memory and my husband said "hey were you the driver that got berated last year for helping the handicapped?".
To his surprise, the driver jumped out of his cab ran over to my husband and gave him the biggest, longest hug he had received in a long time and the driver kept repeating "hey man you saved my job, you saved my job"

Last year my husband was in that very same line waiting for a cab when several handicapped people arrived at the same time so they received priority in getting a taxi. My husband said the guy behind him starting shouting and yelling "This isn't fair!, I've been waiting for 20 minutes and so on..." yelling at the transit authority and the driver who happened to be putting the handicapped gentlemen into the car. This irate gentlemen started screaming obscenities and racial slurs and told the driver that this was going to be his last day on the job. He was going to assure it.
My husband was the only guy in a long line of strangers who stood up to the guy and told him to stop and calm down and then gave the driver his card and said if you get into any trouble you have your boss call me.
The next day my husband received a call from a 212 number and he explained the whole situation as it unfolded and he never heard another word about it until yesterday when he received a hug from a stranger that ironically they both  could have used.
My takeaway:
Stand up when others are treated unfairly you will be rewarded with love when you least expect it.

Not sure if I love my husband more for helping this guy out or the fact that I never heard this story until this morning because my husband does this kind of stuff all the time and doesn't even think twice.

P.S. I forgot to add one of the reasons the driver remembered my husband and that day so clearly because it was the driver's birthday. And boy was it a gift he ran into my husband!!

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Thanks for reading!! xoxo