gray walls

Dark grey walls and how to create a gallery wall the super easy way!

Pondering ...

Dark grey walls ... still.

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LOVE it especially with lots of white accents!

Steal of the week...insta-gallery wall

I have to go with another West Elm item for this pick. I love that they sell an instant gallery wall in such pretty frames. I have so many friends and clients who want to create a gallery wall with family photos but aren't sure how to pull it off. Well, here's an easy answer...

Insta-Gallery wall for under $200

West Elm

Or how about this version with pretty linen mattes?
West Elm

Buy them, hang them and fill them!! Need to fill a larger space?  Buy two sets and you can even mix and match the frames.

So, what are you waiting for? Go fill that lonely, empty wall space with fun family memories!
I'm going to leave you with this...
Thanks for reading!