hale navy

Raindrops on Roses and how to pick the perfect paint color

Paint color is the last thing you choose when decorating a space so "they" say and I totally agree.
It's best to have a jumping off point like a fabric, carpet, a piece of art or better yet all of the upholstered pieces or bedding in a space before selecting a wall color.  
But in some cases it's just not possible as in the case of my client who is renovating an entire house and taking everything down to the studs.
Here are some pictures after the drywall and trim went up. Fireplace still needs new trim.

With the construction going on and major decisions to be made like flooring, cabinetry, countertops etc. it's hard to decide what furniture will stay in your house and what will go. In a perfect world we would have every new piece of furniture selected prior to reno but that just ain't happenin.
In this case the client will be purchasing all new furniture for the first floor but she wants to take her time and make smart decisions on the purchase of these new pieces especially her sofa... the workhorse of the first floor family room.
We know we want a sectional that has spring down cushions (usually an upgrade found on custom sofas) because it's important that her sofa won't be "mushy" and she won't have to constantly "fluff" up the cushions so the sofa looks presentable.  This is a complaint I hear often from clients who have all down cushions.
We also know we want a performance fabric one that will stand up to her two small children and "someday" dog:) So a good sofa is a smart investment in her mind and I whole-heartedly agree
"Buy the best and you'll only cry once" -- Miles Redd
The builder however can not wait for us to try out every sofa in town and select the most perfect fabric and he wants to keep on schedule so we are selecting paint colors now.
So how do you go about selecting paint when you don't have everything in place?
Take the fixed items in the room that won't be changing anytime soon and pick a neutral from there. For example for the kitchen we used the flooring, countertops, backsplash and cabinetry and kept in mind our potential feel for the space.
Also the whole first floor is open so we decided to carry the same color all the way through the first floor.
 Now my client knows she wants to use purple in some of her furniture on the first floor and was looking at selecting a pale lilac paint color. I actually discouraged her from doing this because every room she paints a different color would be an upcharge and who knows what shade of purple her furniture/fabric will be and lord only knows that there are so many pretty pale purple wall colors out there and also who wants to match there furniture to their wall color??? Your better off paying to get the room painted the exact shade of purple you want when you have the other elements in place. And who knows purple may be passé by then or maybe pale purple walls will not be the right decision if she falls in love with purple chairs... get my drift?
So what did we select? For the first floor we selected Nimbus taking into consideration the dark hardwood floors, white high-gloss trim, marble, white cabinetry and grayish backsplash, it will be a stunner!
For her son's room we used the furniture and bedding in selecting our paint color. We were definitely thinking blue so we tried palladian blue, woodlawn blue as well as a few other paler blues but felt they were too babyish or too much like her son's current pale blue. In the end we decided to go with a color he can grow with which was Hale Navy. And it matched the current bedding perfectly.
And for her daughter's room we chose raindrops on roses by Benjamin Moore. In this space it was the perfect combination of pale pinky/purple that will go with her current bedding and furniture. Here it is on the wall which brings me to my final point on paint colors... you must put them on the wall in your space and look at them at different times of day and different light. Just because raindrops on roses takes on a lilac feel in this room it doesn't mean it will in your space too!!
So there you have it ... keep checking back as this project gets completed!!

One Room Challenge: Week Four

Moving right along to week four. Yikes. Nothing new to report. Sad but true. I'm at a standstill... almost paralyzed on which direction I want to go from here. Ever feel that way? 
Remember my client's room...


Should never have jumped the gun earlier this week to talk about my host and hostess chair makeover which I was so excited about. If you missed my post you can read all about it here.
Chair Before
Chair After

Thought I would have done a lot more this week but no go! I did measure for rugs -- thinking about a neutral seagrass.... thoughts, suggestions, concerns????
So let's concentrate on the positive. The window treatments will be going up next week! That should be HUGE! Nothing finishes a room like window treatments and accessories. 

And they can't come soon enough.
 This console looks so sad and lonely doesn't she?
Not for long:)

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One Room Challenge: Week Two

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 Now let's start week two off on a positive note!
Here's what was accomplished in my client's eating area.
(drum roll please)
We have NAVY walls people!
 Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy that is -- check her out.

But don't forget the before pictures.
This was the old family room which is now becoming a new eating area attached to the newly renovated kitchen.

The wall pictured above and below with the TV/console -- gonzo. It's now an opening to the new family room.

Now here is the after

We are still in the construction phase here so please excuse random objects in the pictures.


In this picture you can see the new opening to the kitchen to the right

Below is where you can see the new opening to the family room. The original wall had a TV and console on it.

By the way this paint color is stunning in person my pictures don't do it justice.

All of the kitchen furniture has been moved into the new eating area. We kept a cozy table and chairs to relax in by the fire and read or do homework. Eventually we may replace this with four chairs and a small coffee table but for now we are using what we have!
 The ceiling fan will be moved and replaced with this light fixture
Morris Lantern

I mean look this at this beauty!

I light it like that:)
and the reddish burgundy chairs will be replaced with navy and white striped wing chairs that will be similar to this....
Furbish chairs
Minus the red piping and white painted legs.
Now don't think I wasn't contemplating the contrast piping in raspberry but I thought better not just in case my client wants to change the accent color a few years down the road:)
 So, what's happening with the window treatments?
Not sure if we're going with panels in this John Robshaw fabric
Or just a simple white linen fabric with a pretty navy trim.
You'll have to wait and see!!

Now the not so great news... the back splash came in the wrong color and the glass kitchen doors? Well, they were delivered in the wrong style. The bar stools and lighting fixture are on back order until November... oh well! so much for six weeks! But that's the design process for you:)

So here's a sneak peek of the kitchen cabinetry going in!

BEFORE of kitchen


One wall of cabinets finished

 you'll have to wait until next week to see the kitchen come together.

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