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SKD Report: High Point Market Spring Trends

We are finally back from High Point Market and ready to round up all our favorites from the trip, and of course, report all the trends we saw!

If you followed our stories on Instagram, thank you!! We absolutely love knowing that you’re along for the ride!

The biggest theme we observed at High Point Market this spring continued to be a shift towards natural, textural items, with clean, modern lines. This trend has been building for a while now, especially in home remodeling, where an indoor-outdoor feel and natural materials are more popular than ever. It’s so cool to watch the big design trends trickle down to the furniture market! We saw so many things made of (or inspired by) handmade and natural materials, like rattan, clay / plaster, jute, woven cane, etc.

I’m breaking down this big trend into five smaller trends we noticed, which I’ll walk you through below. I hope you enjoy our finds, and don’t forget to leave us a note below to tell us your favorite!

High Point Market Spring Trend: Green Everything

It’s no secret that green has been playing a big role in home décor trends recently.  Hunter Green is becoming a new neutral, and we are so digging it! We saw TONS of green palm leaves, branches, and foliage this market (again, no surprise, especially for Spring) but we were pleasantly surprised to see so many green finishes on casegoods! We love how the showrooms pair the rich green with lots of natural textures, which keep things from feeling too glam.


Gorgeous, vibrant green velvets on upholstery… We saw a lot of stock upholstery being introduced in green! We even saw dark green leather…


Fun leafy green pattern play, mixed with lots of matte textures…


Some new dark green finishes on casegoods…


We loved this simple art – so striking!!


High Point Market Spring Trend: White Plaster

White plaster is another trend that has been building for quite some time, but really blew up this spring.  We especially saw this trend on light fixtures!! The plaster’s texture with the matte white finish creates a super clean look that doesn’t feel too modern.

The original plaster…


And the new version! We love it on casegoods and table lamps…


In modern lines on lighting…


We also saw a lot of branch-inspired light fixtures in this finish!


How gorgeous would this guy be in an entry, or over a dining table??


High Point Market Spring Trend: Faux Raffia

You know I love a good grasscloth wallpaper, but raffia on upholstery?? You betcha! We’ve seen plenty of raffia on casegoods, but this market we saw so much raffia or faux raffia fabric on soft upholstery. Chairs, beds, pillows, you name it. It adds amazing texture, but is still soft to the touch and comfortable! We are so excited to see this trend grow!

Here it is on the back of upholstered chairs…


A fun raffia headboard with matching pillows AND duvet…


Some faux raffia fabric on another duvet cover and throw pillow… these were both super soft to the touch, if you can believe it!


Faux raffia fabric on the back of a sectional…


And finally, raffia seat cushions!


High Point Market Spring Trend: Feathers and Fringe

Another nature-inspired element that had a serious moment this market. We saw so many fringed mirrors and feathered light fixtures!


Can you even stand how cute these light fixtures are?! We could see these hanging in a girl’s bedroom…


… or having a seriously glamorous moment on a funky entry table!


We loved this cool fringed pendant and side table…


And don’t get me started on all the fringe mirrors we saw!! We don’t see this trend going away anytime soon…


High Point Market Spring Trend: Wood with Woven Cane

Cane and rattan have been everywhere the last few years at market, and they are only getting MORE prominent, if that’s even possible.  It feels like every company was offering cane now, and we aren’t complaining! Here are some of our favorite examples, we especially love the natural cane…

So many awesome chairs with caning detail!!


 Lots of handsome cabinets with cane fronts…


We loved these little cane benches too!


As for ongoing trends that are still going strong, vintage textiles and rugs aren’t going away anytime soon…


Same goes for stripes… We especially love ones with varying widths!


So tell us, which trend is your favorite?! Will you be incorporating any into your own home for the summer season?

— Stephanie

Before and After - A Fresh, Fun & Lively Space

Happy New Year, everyone!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram recently, you might have already seen some sneak peeks of this project in our stories, but this final reveal will give you some insight into our design process.

Here’s the background on the project…

Our client has four kids (let me repeat that, four kids) and called us in to design her family room, breakfast area, and help with her completely gutted kitchen. We were so lucky to work with her because her aesthetic is closely in line with ours and she is super sweet.

This client hired us because she knew how she wanted her home to look and feel but was unclear on how to achieve it on her own. And that’s where we come in. We understand how overwhelming it can be to make design decisions while living through a renovation, and our specialty is helping guide our clients to making decisions that are in line with their end vision.

Her main pain points were: How could she tie the kitchen, breakfast area and family room together? What should the size and scale of the new furniture be? She wanted the space to feel “finished” and ready to entertain family and friends — how do you go about achieving that “finished look” without it feeling too stuffy, too glam/ formal or overdone?

Not to worry… we got this. :) We created the perfect floor plan and sourced beautiful and comfortable pieces to fill the room, all tied in with the finishes chosen for the kitchen.

Here’s how it turned out...

Family Room



What a beautiful space to work with! Our clients wanted their home to feel fresh, casual, and fun — but also  withstand the everyday reality of all the kiddos running around.

Our  first thought was warm woods, lots of texture paired with a fresh white palette and sophisticated touches of black and navy. The room also had to be comfortable and durable. So all  of the fabrics in this space are performance and kid-friendly. Bonus!



Ahhhhh… a place to relax,  breathe and entertain.


The fresh stripes on the pillows, coffee table, and  the open split rattan weave of the chairs work well together to create a classic yet updated space that will stand the test of time.


This styled bookshelf helps bring in more texture, warm woods and touches of green into the space. And the shiplap walls speak to our clean and fresh aesthetic.


As you know, we’re big fans of fiddle leaf trees with oversized leaves. They add the perfect amount of freshness and natural color.


Pattern on pattern and more texture … art coming soon!


We wanted to keep the kitchen feeling cohesive with the rest of the space, while also giving it some personality of its own. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Another two-toned kitchen success story!


Okay, confession. I just can’t get enough of these chairs. And would you check out how perfect this linear lantern looks above the island?


Loving the warmth of this quietly stylish brass faucet.


Breakfast Space

Normally, I’d want to call this a nook, but with a gang of 4 kids… a nook, this is not.


Simple but cohesive light fixtures. Gorgeous wood table and chairs.  A pop of green. This space has got it all going on.


Check out the coffered ceiling. Our client worked with a local custom builder to renovate the entire first floor and they added the ceiling and shiplap detail. And the result is stunning.

stephanie-kraus-designs-mainline-pa-project-wood-chairs-breakfast area.jpg

These chairs are our jam.


Since it’s an open floor plan, why don’t we take another look at the beautiful family room?

Our client loves their new space, and we’re pretty sure this family is already putting those performance fabrics to the test. ;)

Thanks so much for following along with us. We had a blast pulling it together, and it means so much to us to be able to share it with you. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter/blog if you haven’t yet! We have some more project reveals coming your way soon.

Until then,

Before and After - A Comfy Vintage Guest Bedroom

Whew, it’s been a busy couple of months here at SKD. (In your life, too, I’m willing to bet with pre-holiday craziness!) Today, I’m keeping it short but sweet with this project we completed last year for our client who owns a very successful local business but was at a total loss on how to redesign her home. Although we redesigned her whole home let’s take a look at her guest room first!

Backstory. Though our client is based in PA now, she’s still deeply connected with her Midwest roots. This means hosting frequent visitors and taking her hospitality very seriously. One of her priorities was to refresh her guest bedrooms.



This fabulous custom-made bed was our jumping off point. When we first met with her, she was hesitant to incorporate the pieces she already had — this bed and a vintage dresser. She asked if she should buy new, but I took one look and said no way!

Both are super pretty and have GREAT lines (you’ll see the dresser in the after shot).

So instead, we decided the bed’s look and pattern would be the focal point for the entire room!


  • Keep the space neutral so the bed and dresser would stand out

  • Blend vintage and new

  • Amp up the coziness factor for guests

Here’s how we did it…



We layered this subtle cream and grey wallpaper, clean-lined but sumptuous bedding, and several different textures. The result? A space that’s warm and cozy, but refreshing and relaxing. We also added these modern night stands to make the room feel more eclectic.


A mix of shapes, neutral tones, and organic materials creates this fresh and soothing bedside scene.


This distressed wooden chair helps unify the vintage-meets-today theme of the room.


Here’s the existing dresser that I mentioned before. Gorgeous details, beautiful, warm wood. And would you take a look at those legs?


And what guest room is complete without a quaint reading nook? The cozy pillow details and elegant Roman shades make this space extra inviting.

In the end, our client was thrilled that we gave her existing furniture an exciting new life, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Let’s admire the whole scene one more time...


Ahhh… wouldn’t you just love to stay here? Stay tuned for more on this Haverford project!!

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