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Traditional with a twist -- client progress.

This room makes me happy

 Love all the color, pattern and texture they've got going on in here.
How about you?

Good. Okay. Moving on...
Remember Georgia's entry?

If not you can read all about it here.

Well, that ole gal got her wallpaper installed.... here's a looksie.

It's Kelly Wearstler's fern tree for Schumacher.

 Looks Ah-mazing!!! And Georgia ... well, she's just thrilled!
Now we need to hang the mirror, artwork and add a new rug and style it pretty ... but this once bland hallway now feels like a grand entryway. love it.
And over on the other side of town ....we have new chairs and pillows at another client install...

I'm really crushin' on this purple velvet and Beacon Hill fabric pillow. The fabric is called  Groundworks and it's just devine!
Now let's talk about you good people who are so sweet to take the time to read my blog...
I've got a few good deals and steals for you today!

I was out shopping at Pier One for this cool starburst mirror

 to finish off the One Room Challenge room (If you have no idea what I'm talking about you can read all about it here)

When I saw this DD-like chest, I stopped dead in my tracks. Great price and Great look.
Why spend a lot of money on what could be trendy pieces? No need as long as you mix the high and the low together in the right way:)
Was at Vintage Home in Paoli, PA this week and I spied with my little eye an RH - looking coffee table without the hefty price tag.
And that large tray is removable.
Anyone out there have their holiday on yet? No-- of course not, right?!!!!!! Do we all agree that it's utterly absurd that every big box store has their Christmas merch out already?
Totally Ridic.
Please forgive but I did eye this up on pinterest the other day.
Easy peasy. Silver balls. Greens mixed with boxwoods.
I'm all about that.
Thanks for reading!! xoxo


Feast Your Eyes on This -- I'm Just Green With Envy!

Those lamps

That wall color

This wallpaper

These rugs

images above via pinterest

I picked one element in the above rooms that I adore,  but they can be big ticket items.

So on that note ... here are my top five most-adored accessories that you can add to any room that will make an impact, look fantastic and not cost a lot of money or time! 

Here we go...

Call me tra-zy!

West Elm trays are my go-to's because they're inexpensive and big. I like big trays and I can not lie, so if I want to add texture to a room I use the raffia version below.
West Elm

When I need to add a pop of color it also comes in this great orange.
West Elm


Jill Rosenwald

It's aint a party unless your wearing ...  a fabulous lampshade.

A quick way to update a room is to change out your lampshadesYou could add a large, plain drum shade like this.

Restoration Hardware

Or why not get all funky and stuff and add one of these

Shades of Light
Shades of Light


Shades of Light

Flowers, Branches and Greens ... oh my!

Live and fresh is best for your table.

But, if you don't feel like buying fresh every week they make great preserved boxwoods that you can buy.

Restoration Hardware
What the What?

Kelly Wearstler

West Elm



These are little doo dads that are usually small in scale and just add interest and fun. They serve no real purpose but they add a little somethin-somethin to your table/ottoman/bookcase.

Read about it!

Coffee table books. These are my favorites...



Now that you have all of this stuff what are you supposed to do with it?

Well silly, if I told you that what would you need me for?:)

Until next time!

If you've been reading this blog since its inception, you know I have no problem with words. I am however totally speechless over the senseless tragedy that occurred in Boston. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and the far-reaching impact this tragedy has had over all of us who have been watching this unbearable act unfold.