Ready for Spring?

I will never be so prepared for a season
as I will be for this upcoming Spring.
In fact I did a bit of spring shopping for "winter into spring"  staples.
You know ... what the fashion world calls "transition wear".
So I have to find my new spring uniform or the go-to outfit I'll shamelessly wear everyday.
The Schoolboy Blazer
 I'll wear it with this great fitting jeweled baseball tee
(go up a size - it runs a bit small)

Oh yea I'm buying two because I love the fit.
Do you ever do that?
I'll pair it with my skinny jeans and boots on cool damp days
and these flats on warm spring-like days.
Tory Burch
By the way I can't get enough of nude shoes.
I have a closet full of them ... wedges, flats, heels, They have to be of the pale nude shade variety and not that dark carmel shade.
Not sure why.
Oh, and one more must-have item from JCREW.
The tippi.

It comes in a million different colors, has a great fit and is the perfect weight for a spring sweater:)
Speaking of spring shopping I hit up Skirt in Bryn Mawr because I wanted to try the new Mom's Organic market in Rosemont (I highly recommend visiting the juice bar before you do your shopping).
Here's what I found....

Great Spring Bags!
These lavender numbers
This one from Tibi
Tons of stripes. Everyone's spring staple...
By the way crop tops are boss for spring. Just so you're in the know.
I think they were the rage in the 90's too?? It's such a don't for me ...but if I were to do this is how...
And can't forget the statement necklace

If you want to see more of what Skirt offers for spring scroll down on their facebook page here! These girls know how to throw an outfit together!
My next stop?
Coco Blu in Wayne. LOVE that store --it's such a pretty store  filled with gorgeous fashion.
I told you I WILL be prepared for this Spring season.
Also, am heading to the St. Katharine of Siena Fashion Show tomorrow night featuring some incredible fashion from
Louella in Wayne.
Join me why don't you?
For more information go here.
Let's go broke together!

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More Outdoor Fun ... can you stand it?

The sunny weekend weather has put me in a mood!

Is anyone else thinking about this ???
 or this??
I am. 
Not too long before we're beachin' it folks!!

OK, let's continue building our own outdoor oasis with some great planters I found to go with the loungey furniture you just bought.

Planter Round-up
love these planters in white don't you?

Warning: prices below range from reasonable to the ridiculous:)

Medium Planters 14"- 22" high

West Elm
14" height

Home Depot
 14" height $39.00

Home Depot
 18" height $59.98

20" height $119

21" height

19" height

Restoration Hardware
16" height

Restoration Hardware
medium 18" height $505

Large Planters 23"

Smith & Hawkin
23" height

Grandin Road
what a color. totally bananas.
23" height

Crate and Barrel
24" medium jar

23" height

Restoration Hardware
 30" height

Restoration Hardware
 28 1/2 " height

Grandid Road
kinda crazy huh?
26 1/2" height

24" height

27" height

So once you have the planters, what do you do with them?

I don't know about you but I'm going simple this year with ...

Boxwoods and loads of creeping jenny

And, window boxes filled with white begonias and impatience.


Totally Random

Here's what I bought and am LOVING....

For the home

Suzanne Kasler
Circa Lighting

Bought for a client but am secretly hoping she hates it and I will have to keep.

Why allow a perfectly awesome lantern to go back to a cold, lonely, dark warehouse?

For myself...

Incredible skinny jeans
Pilco Jeans
$78 on sale. hello?
I have them in white. I didn't see them online in white but check the store in Wayne. So comfortable and flattering. Best fit ever and guess what? They won't strangle your poor ankles like other skinny jeans do.

And...these from Louella...

I bought it in this color ...

So wearing it to the beach this summer.

Have you been to Louella yet? If not "prep" yourself for some fun with these ladies. Incredible clothes and your guaranteed to leave there in style with some fun summer pieces!

And one last item on the agenda....

Have you ever seen this? Of course you have! Humor me and watch it again. I just L O V E  JT and JF together:)

 The latest History of Rap aired a few weeks ago.
The best is  History of Rap Part 1 -- go find it on youtube.

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