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New client project ... and we have black trim thank you very much!

Okay I'm pretending the electricity will be coming back on any minute now (those of you who live in the suburbs of philly know what I'm talking about) but to distract me I have
 an awesome new client with incredible taste that I'd like to share with you.

We are starting phase one of our design plan for her living room.
This house is a magnificent and grand old tudor with lots of charm, character, spacious rooms and most importantly... an amazing family.

The design star of this room will be the high-gloss black painted trim. LOVE.
You can see the old, unpainted wood on the fireplace in the below picture. And the freshly painted high gloss black door to the right of the fireplace (shun your eyes if you hate to see wood painted)
Don't you love??? So rich and glam.

Here's the other side of the room...

How gorgeous are those windows? Original to the home:)

Like all design projects it's still going to be awhile before this room is finished but we did order the main pieces of furniture so we hope to be finished this room in three months --- I know, I know. ughh. But the design process can be loooooong --- but also tons of fun at the same time!! I'll keep you posted.

Looking for a good magazine to read while either waiting for your electricity to come on or relax by the fire?

The latest issue of Matchbook Magazine is available. You can read it here!

I am signing off for now... dreaming of....

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Stay warm and safe all!!
Thanks for reading!! xoxo

The Hills are Alive!

The December issue of Matchbook Magazine has arrived!
You can read it here.

Set your DVR!
I'm so excited to watch the Live version of the Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood tonight at 8 pm on NBC. It's like my fave movie of all time.
Now I can't imagine anyone else in that role other than Julie Andrews but ever since Carrie U sang that song about keying the side of her ex's souped up four wheel-drive-- I kinda like her.
How bout you?
Here's a sneak peak
Wait. Check out the fabric on the costumes below. I die. And at the same time want to recover my kitchen chairs in it!

The fabric kind of reminds me of these quirky shoes by Tory Burch, no? 


Speaking of Tory Burch .....
I'm liking these tops for holiday parties.


In keeping with the all-black color theme ... I'm loving this room I saw on Aubusson Home's facebook page designed by Dallas Shaw with this infamous Scalamandre wall covering.

Black trim -- I'm dying to do this somewhere.

Are you BOLD enough to go black?


All images via pinterest

I say go for it... but one point I do want to make from my experience is that if your walls are not in perfect condition DO NOT PAINT them a dark color.

Dark colors tend to show every imperfection. Instead choose a dark wallpaper for a cleaner, crisper look. Need a suggestion on that just email me!
Thanks for reading!! xoxo

Bookcase styled three ways!

Part II - Of a bookcase restyled

Blue is Beautiful, don't you think?

Paint color on bookshelves - sleigh bells Benjamin Moore

Okay, in my opinion this is probably the most liveable and lively version. I added various shades of blue throughout the bookcase for this monochromatic look.
I added some blue water bottles and I used navy and various shades of blue books (this is key --vary the shades of blue throughout the display). Teapot and small cups were owners. See the blue ball above next to the coral? ... kids toy - a mini blue bowling ball. Whatever works, right?

Even the flowers... knockout roses from the front yard.
To get a similar look:

Check out my first version here. And then add:
Jewelry box -  c wonder
Teapot  - c wonder
Plate - anthropologie

Next time I will reveal the most colorful of the bunch!

Also have you seen the latest Matchbook Magazine?

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Happy Monday!