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Mirror mirror on the wall... my top 12 favorite mirrors in home design!

We're using a huge mirror over a client's fireplace that I absolutely love and it got me thinking how much I love mirrors in home design.
Mirrors can enlarge a space and add drama 
They can reflect a beautiful chandelier and are perfect placed opposite a window
They can add oomph to a hallway
Spice up a large wall


Liven up your entry

And spark up your fireplace

All images via pinterest

Here are some of my favorite mirrors ...

Let's add some color!

Bungalow 5

Stay Gold


Z Gallerie
I'm Floored
Nieman Marcus

West Elm

Simple, Clean lines


Ballard Designs
$49 and up

Layla Grace


Home Depot
yep, home depot
 I actually have WAY more than 12 faves and every room calls for a different style mirror but I hope this gave you a few ideas to reflect on!
 Thanks for reading!! xoxo
P.S. If you received a crazy email from me saying I needed money and am in the Philippines my email was hacked. sorry. All is well and I'm right here in good ole PA.

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Maxed out!

Have you ever struggled with how to begin the design process? Why not start by thinking "out of the box".
 Instead of fretting over the perfect color to paint your walls..
Why not
Paint your trim not your walls?
Frame your scarf, not wear it.
Include every color of the rainbow in your design scheme.
You'll never have to say "will this match?"
Paper your shelves, not your walls
Paint a gi-normous canvas one bold color and design around it
all images above via pinterest
Ask yourself, why not?
Onto some fashion ...
I'm still loving the maxi for summer --here's a few on my list.


Nieman Marcus
Allice & Trixie
Nieman Marcus
T Bags (I don't like the name of this company, by the way, do you?)
Old Navy

Calypso St. Barth on sale now!

Nieman Marcus
Susana Monaco


Casual or dressy... who cares? I'll take them all.

Fan of the maxi? yes, no? Weigh in please!!