Purple passion for spring - a new client room in the works!!

Here's a quick progress report on a room I'm doing with a bohemian chic vibe to it.
These pillows arrived today from the work room looking all awesome and stuff.

This room isn't finished yet but this ROMA fabric and a lush purple velvet from Kravet was our jumping off point for the design.
Here's where we started with a very neutral palette. Pretty no doubt,  but we needed a little punch of purple.

First, we recovered these wing chairs in a rich purple velvet
and placed them on the other side of the room to flank the window ---  we need a new table to hang out between these two beauties with more of a bohemian vibe.
These are the other two pillows on the facing sofa. We're also in the process of purchasing a larger console table for behind this sofa.
There are two sofa's in this room that will face each other --no pictures because we need to recover the other sofa in the matching fabric and create new back cushions.
Not an inexpensive choice but in the end will help the room feel more tailored and symmetrical.
I love the idea of matching sofas facing each other in a room. Plenty of room to leisurely lay around and watch TV or provide plenty of seating to entertain!
Here are more examples of this seating arrangement


Don't you just love it!!?
Thanks for reading!! xoxo

Let me introduce you to the most beautiful carpet ever

So excited about this!!!

Whaaaaaaat? Why so happy about green weeds?

No my friends in a few weeks they will look like this



Allium are stunning when planted in bunches or when freshly cut.
 Allium and peonies. Does it get any better?

The good news? Anyone can grow allium -- even me with no green thumb whatsoever. They're also perennials so they come back every spring. And here's a bonus -- deer won't eat them because they're basically just big flowering onions.

"Hello? yes? This is 1985 calling. I'd like my headband back."
The bad news? They have to be planted as bulbs in the fall. Don't worry -- come September I'll remind you to order the bulbs and tell you exactly how to plant them so we can both admire our work together next spring. Deal?

Impressed? Don't be.

This is impressive.
An entire town square made to look like a carpet made out of flowers . Begonias to be exact. Takes place every other year in August in Brussels. These people plan the design a year in advance and it takes over 600,000 flowers to make it happen.
Simply Spectacular
You can read more about it here.

So what can you do right now to create your own carpet of flowers? Run to your local market and buy either tulips (no deer) or daffodils (if you have deer) and plant them in bunches (odd numbers preferably). Plant near your entry or walkway -- and then sit back and enjoy your view:)

Not a gardner? How about some allium inspired art for inside your home?

You can buy it here

How about some Allium-inspired shoes?... just kidding!!!

But, really I did just get these and I love them! I will be sporting them this weekend fur sure. Comfortable, stylish and they will add some serious height.
You can buy them at JCREW.

 Enjoy the nice weather this weekend!

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