One Room Challenge: Week Six - The Reveal!

I made it! Whew. Thanks to Linda at

Calling it Home

for lighting the fire I needed to put this room to bed (so to speak).

The mission for the room?

To make it fun, colorful and a happy place for an 11 year old girl to wake up in!

Fyi - this post will feature mostly the images from my daughter's new space. All links to products and fabrics are at the end of the post.

Let's not forget the closet...

One thing I've learned because I've done a lot of teen/young adult rooms (after doing their parent's spaces) is that when you do it 100% of the way down to the last little detail and take in their input (my daughter chose the wallpaper and it snowballed from there...)

they really tend to keep the space clean and neat. I have walked into spaces I've done 2 years later and the parents will tell me this. Once it's neat and clean and pretty they want it to stay that way!! BONUS!!!  

Thanks to my friend 

Joanne Posse

who took these amazing photos! I just love her and her work!! You can check out her photography 



And a huge thank you to the 

One Room Challenge

 sponsors for making this room look beautiful!

Loom Décor

Linen fabric for headboard

Fabric and custom fabrication for the draperies and color block bed skirt


Artwork above desk and above two night stands

Mark and Graham

Striped bed sheets, monogrammed pillow cases

monogrammed paperweight




Now, it's a MUST for you to check out the rooms from these very talented ladies. Everyone worked so hard and did an unbelievable job! Thanks ladies for all of your support!! xo

Jana Bek

Autumn Clemons


The English Room

Vanessa Francis

Greige Design

Hi Sugarplum

I Heart Organizing

Jenna Sue Design

Stephanie Kraus

The Pursuit of Style

Julia Ryan

Savvy Home

Simple Details

Simply Grove

6th Street Design

Jill Sorensen

Swoon Worthy

Waiting on Martha

Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

Stephanie Kraus Design's


Imperial Trellis Wallpaper  


Wall paint custom by Benjamin Moore

 Headboard custom design by SKD. Fabric by

Loom Décor

Bedding and Shams 

Pottery Barn Teen

Striped monogrammed pillowcases 

Mark and Graham

Color block bed skirt custom made by

Loom Décor

Draperies  custom made by

Loom Décor

. Fabric

Loom Décor

Drapery trim  M and J Trimming

Drapery hardware  had forever:)



Amethyst Mirror -

Bungalow 5

Monogrammed magenta paper weight

Mark and Graham

Nightstands - had forever:) Paint - Pilgrim Haze by Benjamin Moore

Nightstand hardware


Closet hardware


Brass Sconces 

Visual Comfort



desk art


Pink abstract on large wall  Wendover Art - trade only

Lucite Bench - trade item

Alan Campbell fabric

 (trade only)


Fiber Seal

- Let them know Stephanie Kraus Designs sent you!

French desk chair - daughter's own

Fabric on French chair and long bed pillow 

Caitlin Wilson Textiles

Thanks to these local businesses:

Monograms by

Tibbar Tibbar

Blue Desk Lamp - Robert Abbey 

The Blue Octagon

Sunburst brass mirror above bed 

The Blue Octagon

White elephant

The Blue Octagon

Dana Gibson white and gold trash container

The Blue Octagon

Other accessories - my daughter's

Thanks for reading!! xoxo

Design Bits and Pieces

Here's a list of things I'm loving in no particular order.
You'll have to let me know what you think.
First up...
This chair.
I need this is my life or you do.
So fun!
I have a thing for pineapples.
For all you lovers of purple
This bedding from Jill Sorensen
Available here.
 I adore all of her bedding and have used it several times over.
Here's one client space where I used the greek key bedding.
You can read more about this bedroom here.
This fabric (chiang mai dragon) in jade.
New from Schumacher.
I could build an entire room around this fabric.

You can check out Schumacher's latest collection here.
Speaking of room building....
I am using this fabric from Thibaut's new Enchantment collection as the jumping off point for an entire first floor of a new client's home.
It has the most vivid blue and orange combo. Love it!
Here are more scenes from Enchantment...
To check out Thibaut's new collection go here.
Warning: you may want to redo your entire house after viewing this collection!
Speaking of... I am installing a room tomorrow built around this piece of art.
Britt Bass
Here are some of her friends waiting patiently to be hung along side her...
Follow me on instagram at stephaniekrausdesigns for up to the minute news on my install tomorrow!
Oh and can't forget about these fabulous pillows that will make an appearance.
Fabric is spaced out by Robert Allen available to the trade
And a BIG SHOUT OUT to Main line Today for featuring Stephanie Kraus Designs in the June issue!
You can pick it up at your local main line market (or not).
Great article on the Jersey shore too:)
Thanks Tara Behan!!
Thanks for reading!! XOXO

A mini bar makeover

I know I went radio silent for awhile --I was on vaca in Florida. But due to client work, kids, sports, and family life in general I will probably be blogging a bit less for now on so you must follow me on instagram. I'm all over that. It's quick and easy.

You can follow me on instagram here.

Or search stephaniekrausdesigns on your phone. easy-peasy.

So my client and I started out here with this innocent looking built-in.


The client wanted to turn it into a bar for entertaining purposes and I always think a bar is good idea ... no matter what the circumstance:)
So here's what we ended up with.
The styling needs to be touched up a bit. The alcohol needs to be added (obvs).
But I think it says HELLO! Sit down and have a cocktail with me!
We painted the built in high gloss black and added new gold knobs. We also added some Schumacher wallpaper for a bold statement.
We need to add more  barware and sculptural elements but so far so good!
Do you have a space in your home that you can snazz up? Go for it!
Have a great day!!
Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year, chair lust and budget-friendly decor

Happy New Year! Hope your holidays were both fun and fabulous. Back to reality today and I'll have to admit I'm sooo ready.
Everyone's sharing their New Year's resolutions so I thought I'd weigh in here. Why not? Bare with me. I only have two:) and then we'll get to some decorating stuff.
My first resolution..
 Pay more attention to the important things in life.
Years ago when I was working as a publisher of a magazine I was in NYC and was rushing to meet my boss across a crowded  hotel lobby. I was running late for a very important meeting.
As I reached my boss he had a big smile on his face and said "Do you realize that you literally just bumped into Nelson Mandela"?
Whaaat? As I was racing across the lobby I bumped into an older gentlemen and stopped to say sorry and we made some small talk. And I went on my merry little way.
I had no idea I had just rubbed up against greatness.
I turned around and stared across the lobby. My boss was right. It wasn't until I stepped back and took in the whole scene did I realize what was going on. It was a life lesson. Sometimes we need to step back and survey the whole situation to realize what's important in life. (I have been thinking about this moment a lot since his passing).
Okay, onto number two --- more concrete and way less impressive.

Try to eat vegan-ish.

You are what you eat. End of story. I've been vegan in the past and I'm telling you I never felt better when I ate better. Eating real, unprocessed food gives you more energy and helps you think more clearly. If think clearer and have more energy,  you have more time to notice the important things in life. See the connection??:)
Okay, moving onto a MUCH lighter subject.

Current room obsession. It's the color I'm in love with.

Feel free to discuss.
Have I shared with you that I have a full-on serious chair addiction?

My current chair loves include the below. I have access to them for very reasonable prices and am jumping at the bit to place them!! Anyone, anyone?

 Thoughts????? Do you love as much as I do???
 Last but not least...
Stylish for both your home and your wallet.
Lands End Bedding

I would buy the duvet only and zhush it up with:
 White shams with navy trim, add a large fancy monogram and call it a day for a simple clean look...
 Possibly Schumacher's chaing mai pillow or a rich velvet in an emerald green or hot pink... oh the possibilities!
I don't know but this could be fun!

Land End

Stumped on how to freshen up a room inexpensively....
Here's a hint .... black and white looks chic in ANY room.
Trust me on this.
 $10 ikea

Texture = absolute must.

Faux sheepskin pillow

Land of Nod

Table lamp from Land of Nod - yes you can add "children's items" to your grown up rooms!

Land of Nod

Thanks for reading!!! XOXO

Traditional with a twist -- client progress.

This room makes me happy

 Love all the color, pattern and texture they've got going on in here.
How about you?

Good. Okay. Moving on...
Remember Georgia's entry?

If not you can read all about it here.

Well, that ole gal got her wallpaper installed.... here's a looksie.

It's Kelly Wearstler's fern tree for Schumacher.

 Looks Ah-mazing!!! And Georgia ... well, she's just thrilled!
Now we need to hang the mirror, artwork and add a new rug and style it pretty ... but this once bland hallway now feels like a grand entryway. love it.
And over on the other side of town ....we have new chairs and pillows at another client install...

I'm really crushin' on this purple velvet and Beacon Hill fabric pillow. The fabric is called  Groundworks and it's just devine!
Now let's talk about you good people who are so sweet to take the time to read my blog...
I've got a few good deals and steals for you today!

I was out shopping at Pier One for this cool starburst mirror

 to finish off the One Room Challenge room (If you have no idea what I'm talking about you can read all about it here)

When I saw this DD-like chest, I stopped dead in my tracks. Great price and Great look.
Why spend a lot of money on what could be trendy pieces? No need as long as you mix the high and the low together in the right way:)
Was at Vintage Home in Paoli, PA this week and I spied with my little eye an RH - looking coffee table without the hefty price tag.
And that large tray is removable.
Anyone out there have their holiday on yet? No-- of course not, right?!!!!!! Do we all agree that it's utterly absurd that every big box store has their Christmas merch out already?
Totally Ridic.
Please forgive but I did eye this up on pinterest the other day.
Easy peasy. Silver balls. Greens mixed with boxwoods.
I'm all about that.
Thanks for reading!! xoxo


I'm feelin' blue... navy blue that is!

I've been gettin' my navy on lately ... 
Here are some of my FAVE navy/navy-ish fabrics



China Seas

Trina Turk for
You know why else I love navy?

It gets along fabulously with so many colors like...

Navy and Pink

Navy and Orange

Navy and Green

Navy and Yellow

Navy and Coral

Navy and Red

Really navy?... even lavender???

C'mon navy now your messin' with my head ..
Navy and Black???

What's your favorite navy combination??
Linking up with:
Thanks for reading!! xoxo


20+ essentials for your next outdoor party!

So your throwing a party!

images above via pinterest

Well, you may think twice after I show you all the fun and  fabulous indoor/outdoor stuff available!

Get comfortable, sit back and relax with these
outdoor pillows


Schumacher here

Pottery Barn

Crate and Barrel



Got a chill?
No sweat, I've got an outdoor throw made with 100% acrylic Sunbrella chenille fabric
Still Cold?
Well grab yourself a bag of marshmallows and settle in here
Restoration Hardware
 Buggin' out? 
No fear mosquito repellent is here. So, stop slapping yourself silly.

Lanterns and candles so you can light it up!
Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

Take a seat...
These would be fun and stylish for extra seating


Pour yourself a glass
Govino wine glasses are shatterproof and reusable. Best of all, they have a place for your thumb if it gets tired.


Not a wine drinker? How about some Sangria amigo?

Pottery Barn
No? How about an ice cold pop of iced tea?
Don't forget to put your dancing shoes on
Indoor/Outdoor wireless speaker

Outdoor chalk table cloth, anyone?
oil chalk tablecloth available here
Or this one perhaps? This would look gorg with a pop of hot pink flowers!


For an easy breezy atmosphere
Indoor/Outdoor Curtains

Pottery Barn

Outdoor floor lamp? Yep, got that too.

Ballard Designs

One last thought, instead of buying all this stuff just bring all your indoor stuff outside for the night. Just be sure to bring it back in before it rains!!

Now back to biz...
What ever will you wear?
Self-tanner of course

And how about these?

Milly for Banana Republic
Devon Baer

old navy

Lilly Pulizer

Do you have any party secrets you'd like to share? What say you?

P.S. If you missed my outdoor furniture, planter and rug round up check it out here, here and here!
Have a GREAT time at your party! xoxo

Eight secrets to choosing the perfect wallpaper

Who isn't loving wallpaper these days?

I'm using it in practically every project I'm working on. I'm talking fun, fabulous, wonderful wallpaper people!

Don't know where to begin on picking the perfect wallpaper?
Here's my top eight tips...

First of all put aside any concerns you have about wallpaper removal. Today's wallpapers are much easier to remove than those from the "olden days".

Who's installing your wallpaper? You'll need to know this so you can get an accurate number of rolls you'll need. This will help determine your budget. Wallpaper can be $$$. Why waste time falling in love with a wallpaper that's too pricey?

Know your colorway. You'll need to take into consideration the adjacent rooms so you know what color wallpaper will work with your existing rooms and color scheme.

Get lots of samples! Don't be afraid ... go on get plenty and live with them for a few days. You'll need to look at how the light changes the look of the wallpaper throughout the day. If your papering the dining room you'll especially want to take note of the light at dinner time.

Where are you going to put the wallpaper? Kids room, bathroom, mudroom? You may want to consider a vinyl wallpaper for these rooms for durability.
Do you want pattern, texture, geometric? Peruse home décor magazines and pinterest for inspiration so you can narrow down the look that you want.

Still not sure? Consider vertical stripes to raise the height of your ceiling. Want to add texture? Consider a pretty grasscloth.
House feel a little stodgy or too traditional? How about a funky, modern geometric. Want to infuse lots of pattern and color? Try a floral, vine or bird pattern. Also, larger patterns will make the most impact in a larger room.

Still afraid to commit? How about buying your favorite wallpaper and backing a bookcase? Or frame it and put it on your wall. That's a great way to dabble in wallpaper without a full on commitment.

Here are some of my faves...

For your little girl who has a passion for horsin' around

For a bedroom
Madeline Weinreb
Katie Ridder

For a guy's room or a powder room with high-gloss white trim

For a faux library look


For an Entry

Imperial trellis - Schumacher

Anna Spiro

Studio Printworks

Meg Braff Interiors

designer Suellen Gregory

For your dressing room

Tanzania Thibaut

For a Dining Room

Phillip Jeffries emerald grasscloth

de Gournay via pinterest

This would look great in a dining room too!

A Fancy Bedroom

 Gracie Wallpaper
A REALLY fancy Laundry Room

 de Gourney via pinterest

So which pattern is your favorite?
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Let's get it started in here

Phoebe Howard

Now onto my latest obsession
sorry for fold in sample
Designers Guild

Grasscloth? Still love it but my new crush is crocodile wallpaper. Crikey! It's just so modern and fresh. Love it against the white trim. I would rough it up a bit and surround it with lots of crazy texture in my furniture and accessories.

Do you know what else I'm loving about it? It's wipeable. Yep, take that paw prints, magic markers and dirty, grimy hands!

You can find this at Aubusson Home in Wayne. It's simply spectacular.

Or, wait ... how about this one in your library with lacquered trim? 
Schumacher. I die.
Or this one...

Lonny Magazine

OK, Must stop myself. But this brings me to a question a reader had for me this week.

"When I want to redesign a room or freshen it up... where do I start?"

In my opinion, start with something you absolutely love and feel like you can't live without like crocodile wallpaper or ...



Timorous Beasties Fabric - London Toile


Rug (this is the easiest place to start)
It's going to be different for everyone. Or even use a picture of a room that you love for inspiration.

Then develop a plan from there. Ask yourself:
What do I own already that will work with this?
How will it relate to surrounding rooms?
What do I need to purchase to pull it all together?

Have a final picture and a vision. Don't go willy nilly into it or you will find yourself really stuck.

For example, for my dining room redesign I fell in love with a fabric years ago that appeared in Cynthia Rowley's home.

Instead of using it as a fabric I chose to use the wallpaper so I could make it my own design.

 Cole & Sons Wallpaper

Also, to make my basically traditional room feel more modern I'm planning on adding a more contemporary rug, art and accessories. I just haven't gotten there yet... but I do have a vision ... I swear people!! And life gets in the way my friends. But I couldn't be happier with my jumping off point and I'll be honest I will always LOVE the hunt.

If you've started to refresh your own home and find yourself stuck and can't seem to pull it all together our good friends at Aubusson Home could help connect you with that magical fabric that will make it work. Or, there are lots of other sources in this area: Calico Corners, Pryors. etc. Not to mention the gazillion places on the internet.

Here's another tip when your out there searching for the right pieces/fabric for your design make sure you keep pictures of your room on your phone so you can refer back to it when shopping.

Still not sure where to go with your room? This is where you may need the help of a friend with a pair of fresh eyes to step in or even a quick consultation with a designer (really am not trying to promote myself here). But someone who can help you achieve the look you want so that you will enjoy your space to it's fullest.

Anyway, I hope I have answered your question. But, don't worry I will be exploring more resources in the near future for all of you 
do-it-yourselfers out there!

If you would like help in a redesign project or a second opinion on your design choices contact me at

It's official -- I've gone Mad in March!

Crazy stuff happening here during March Madness!

And it has nothing to do with basketball.

Or this absurd snow storm.

My favorite Etsy seller Elegant Touch is offering the readers of my blog 10% off all pillow covers!

You need to share this deal with friends, family, frenemies  and whoever will listen.

What a great way to freshen your house for spring!!

The price of these pillow covers? between $40 and $90. Uh-huh, that's right. GREAT prices for Schumacher, Trina Turk and Lee Jofa to name a few.

Here are some of my favorite selections:

Orange you glad I didn't say banana:

When skies are gray...



How about this combo?

Some others:


There are many more on the site. You can buy them here. Please enter the code DISCOUNT10 to get the discounted price.You must sign up for an account with Etsy first -- you can  do that here.

Which is your favorite? I'd love to hear from you.

Random Thoughts

Have you ever wondered how to get that fresh from the hair salon blow dry?

Well, the wait is over people. I found a great how-to on the fabulous Camille Styles website. Check it out here.

Two things I've had learned in pursuit of a good blow-dry:
1. Be patient and take your time
2.  Separate your hair into small easily workable sections 
Hope you enjoy your day!

Need help selecting new pillows or fabric for your home for spring? Contact me at