SKD Report: High Point Market Spring Trends

We are finally back from High Point Market and ready to round up all our favorites from the trip, and of course, report all the trends we saw!

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The biggest theme we observed at High Point Market this spring continued to be a shift towards natural, textural items, with clean, modern lines. This trend has been building for a while now, especially in home remodeling, where an indoor-outdoor feel and natural materials are more popular than ever. It’s so cool to watch the big design trends trickle down to the furniture market! We saw so many things made of (or inspired by) handmade and natural materials, like rattan, clay / plaster, jute, woven cane, etc.

I’m breaking down this big trend into five smaller trends we noticed, which I’ll walk you through below. I hope you enjoy our finds, and don’t forget to leave us a note below to tell us your favorite!

High Point Market Spring Trend: Green Everything

It’s no secret that green has been playing a big role in home décor trends recently.  Hunter Green is becoming a new neutral, and we are so digging it! We saw TONS of green palm leaves, branches, and foliage this market (again, no surprise, especially for Spring) but we were pleasantly surprised to see so many green finishes on casegoods! We love how the showrooms pair the rich green with lots of natural textures, which keep things from feeling too glam.


Gorgeous, vibrant green velvets on upholstery… We saw a lot of stock upholstery being introduced in green! We even saw dark green leather…


Fun leafy green pattern play, mixed with lots of matte textures…


Some new dark green finishes on casegoods…


We loved this simple art – so striking!!


High Point Market Spring Trend: White Plaster

White plaster is another trend that has been building for quite some time, but really blew up this spring.  We especially saw this trend on light fixtures!! The plaster’s texture with the matte white finish creates a super clean look that doesn’t feel too modern.

The original plaster…


And the new version! We love it on casegoods and table lamps…


In modern lines on lighting…


We also saw a lot of branch-inspired light fixtures in this finish!


How gorgeous would this guy be in an entry, or over a dining table??


High Point Market Spring Trend: Faux Raffia

You know I love a good grasscloth wallpaper, but raffia on upholstery?? You betcha! We’ve seen plenty of raffia on casegoods, but this market we saw so much raffia or faux raffia fabric on soft upholstery. Chairs, beds, pillows, you name it. It adds amazing texture, but is still soft to the touch and comfortable! We are so excited to see this trend grow!

Here it is on the back of upholstered chairs…


A fun raffia headboard with matching pillows AND duvet…


Some faux raffia fabric on another duvet cover and throw pillow… these were both super soft to the touch, if you can believe it!


Faux raffia fabric on the back of a sectional…


And finally, raffia seat cushions!


High Point Market Spring Trend: Feathers and Fringe

Another nature-inspired element that had a serious moment this market. We saw so many fringed mirrors and feathered light fixtures!


Can you even stand how cute these light fixtures are?! We could see these hanging in a girl’s bedroom…


… or having a seriously glamorous moment on a funky entry table!


We loved this cool fringed pendant and side table…


And don’t get me started on all the fringe mirrors we saw!! We don’t see this trend going away anytime soon…


High Point Market Spring Trend: Wood with Woven Cane

Cane and rattan have been everywhere the last few years at market, and they are only getting MORE prominent, if that’s even possible.  It feels like every company was offering cane now, and we aren’t complaining! Here are some of our favorite examples, we especially love the natural cane…

So many awesome chairs with caning detail!!


 Lots of handsome cabinets with cane fronts…


We loved these little cane benches too!


As for ongoing trends that are still going strong, vintage textiles and rugs aren’t going away anytime soon…


Same goes for stripes… We especially love ones with varying widths!


So tell us, which trend is your favorite?! Will you be incorporating any into your own home for the summer season?

— Stephanie

Stripe it Rich!

There's nothing richer than a good classic stripe!

Let's Freshen up a Sentimental Favorite

Client T (for thoughful) has a dining set that was given to her by her mother. It has sentimental meaning to her and she wants to keep it. I love that about her. Not just because I believe in using what you have, but I think it's so important to have pieces in your house that have special meaning to you.

wall color is revere pewter by BM
lighting is clients own from Pottery Barn

She could easily have gone out and bought a brand new dining room grouping but chose to keep her mom's pieces.  So, we're just going to freshen them up a bit with these: 

Navy and white here

We are in the beginning stages of this design but I thought I'd show you the steps as we move along.  

Remember the before?

Let's call this the "in progress":

The china closet needs to be restyled and so on. But, this client could almost stop here -- looks fresher right? She spent less than $100 on the fabric. 

Stay tuned for more. Oh, and don't forget to look around your room is there something special to you? Thousands of dollars in designer fabrics, wallpaper, etc. mean nothing if your room doesn't hold meaning to you! 


OK found some fun stuff in NYC

Room Service
Seriously, who is going to let me order these chairs for them? Crazy you say. Crazy like a fox. Let's pair it with a white lacquer table in the kitchen shall we?

You can buy them here if interested.

How about this guy?
I would pop out the great state of PA in a colored denim that is pulled from the room. Red perhaps? Wouldn't it be great if you used your own son/daughter's jeans for this project? Way to recycle.

Onto the random thought of the day....must see TV

So last week I mentioned this concealer and since then I have run into several peeps who also use this product. Yeah! I love positive reinforcement.

Do you remember that I tried to explain the correct way to use it or how to "correctly contour"  under the eyes, on the forehead etc.? 

Well, I did a horrible job -- not my expertise by any stretch. 

But,  I found someone who can help us. 

Have you ever wondered how the celebrities get that flawless skin look? --- well here is the secret and it doesn't take that long once you master the technique. 

You may have to modify a bit depending on your skin tone but you can get the general idea.

And I know she's a bit west coast and I'm not trying to stir up any Tupac vs. Biggie bad memories here but they can be a bit more bold with their makeup on that coast because they are in the sun everyday.

I would use whatever bronzer/concealer you have on hand or if you need to buy new I would highly recommend this duo. It's better for our east coast faces.

You can buy it here.

I hope you found it interesting ... so go play with it! What are you waiting for?

If you are looking to freshen up a room in your house for Spring contact me at