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How to make your storage stylish!

Merry Christmas to you and your family... I hope everyone had a fun-filled and safe holiday!
Back to biz over here. Although I LOVE Christmas the amount of stuff my family accumulates in one single day is both silly and sinful at the same time.

The days after a holiday and in particular Christmas has me asking how am I ever going to get back to neutral? It's a crazy disorganized mess over here. And I'll be honest I like my churches gothic, my wine red and my house somewhat organized.
So I thought maybe there are some others out there who feel the same way so I thought I'd gather a few stylish storage options out there for us who want to get it together before the new year hits us:)

And actually whether you celebrate Christmas or not the new year is a good time to get organized. Am I right? 

So after you do the

Take note of what you have left to put away and
you'll need to buy some of these for storage

Serena and lilly
serena and lilly
Baskets of Africa


Best way to increase storage space? Go up!
So you will most likely need ....SHELVING

My fave - the IKEA Expedit
If you 've never used --- you must. Here is what they look like

Here's how you can make them stylish  and functional...


To quote the Beastie Boys... She's crafty...
On it's side used as a window seat .... I would add a cushion of course:)
As a part of your kitchen banquette
And I'm pretty sure you can get this whole look at IKEA
 Need some ideas on how to store all of those decorations? You can read this post here from Organize and Decorate Everything.
Last but not least you may want to read this pretty awesome article with some great organizational tips.

You can read it here

P.S. My Christmas purge this year may include a call to 1 800 got-junk.  Anyone ever use this service before?? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!! xoxo



Dark grey walls and how to create a gallery wall the super easy way!

Pondering ...

Dark grey walls ... still.

all images via pinterest

LOVE it especially with lots of white accents!

Steal of the week...insta-gallery wall

I have to go with another West Elm item for this pick. I love that they sell an instant gallery wall in such pretty frames. I have so many friends and clients who want to create a gallery wall with family photos but aren't sure how to pull it off. Well, here's an easy answer...

Insta-Gallery wall for under $200

West Elm

Or how about this version with pretty linen mattes?
West Elm

Buy them, hang them and fill them!! Need to fill a larger space?  Buy two sets and you can even mix and match the frames.

So, what are you waiting for? Go fill that lonely, empty wall space with fun family memories!
I'm going to leave you with this...
Thanks for reading!

Things I'm all about this week

So I'm working on a family room addition with the nicest cutest family ever:)
This is our fabric scheme
This blue colorway is so fresh and fun...the trellis fabric will be used for window treatments and the other two for large and luxurious pillows.
How cool is this light fixture and bead board ceiling the homeowners chose for their new space?
So lucky to be working with yet another client with fabulous taste:)
Will keep you posted as this room develops!!
Remember this dining room wallpaper?

Well pieces similar to these will be arriving soon!
Love the combination of traditional dining furniture with fresh and modern wallpaper!
Will share pictures upon arrival.... I know such a tease aren't I?
This lovely lavender fabric scheme has been presented to another client and selections have been made!
And you guessed it ...you'll have to wait and see ... oh the suspense!
Okay let's talk about you guys and how you can add texture to a room without spending a lot of $$.
My favorite accent pillow
West Elm
Mongolian Lamb pillow

So fun and soft! It's a perfect way to add texture to a chair or sofa for fall. Pair it with your favorite throw and it will become your favorite spot in the room!

Speaking of fall I'm obsessing over adding one of these winter coats in pale pink to my closet.

Saw the double-cloth lady coat in RETRO PINK on page 6 of the new JCREW catalog and I love it paired with camel or olive green.

I can't seem to find the image of it on the net or the website??

Would you wear a pale pink winter coat or is it just to toddlerish?

Thanks for reading!! xoxox


Mirror mirror on the wall... my top 12 favorite mirrors in home design!

We're using a huge mirror over a client's fireplace that I absolutely love and it got me thinking how much I love mirrors in home design.
Mirrors can enlarge a space and add drama 
They can reflect a beautiful chandelier and are perfect placed opposite a window
They can add oomph to a hallway
Spice up a large wall


Liven up your entry

And spark up your fireplace

All images via pinterest

Here are some of my favorite mirrors ...

Let's add some color!

Bungalow 5

Stay Gold


Z Gallerie
I'm Floored
Nieman Marcus

West Elm

Simple, Clean lines


Ballard Designs
$49 and up

Layla Grace


Home Depot
yep, home depot
 I actually have WAY more than 12 faves and every room calls for a different style mirror but I hope this gave you a few ideas to reflect on!
 Thanks for reading!! xoxo
P.S. If you received a crazy email from me saying I needed money and am in the Philippines my email was hacked. sorry. All is well and I'm right here in good ole PA.

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Things I'm all about this week.

Have you read this article yet ... The Sweet Spot?
You can read it hereIt's so well-written and if you have kids you'll either remember the sweet spot, will be there soon or if your lucky enough you're in the sweet spot right now:)

This house featured on Coco & Kelley .. it just screams summer time to to me! All bright with butterflies, vines and flowers...

featured in Living, etc.
Wallpaper Schumacher

I'm also all about summer sales. Here are some deals I found...
 (and psssssst.... everything is under $100!)

This art 

On sale for $75 by Jenny Vorwaller. You can find it at Joy & Revelry.

Monogrammed glass hurricanes are 20% off at Pottery Barn.

These chairs and these chairs at Restoration Hardware are $29-$39. At that price?  No need to buy folding chairs anymore--how great would these be for large dinner parties or hosting thanksgiving dinner, right?

This black metal planter from Restoration Hardware is $83.

This lucite tray is 50% off at C Wonder.

Need an Ikat pillow? This one from C Wonder-- 50% off. This sale is insane. You must check it out!

These mercury glass vases are less than $20 at West Elm.

Bold black and white abstract paintings at West Elm are $69. And this would be a great way to display them ....

lonny magazine


This outdoor rug from Company C is 20% off. I'm going to use it on my lower level patio attached to the walk-out basement. It's a total snooze fest out there and this will certainly brighten things up.

If you don't know about Company C you should! These folks know color... it's their passion in life.  Here's some of their other goodies...

Company C pillows
Company C chair
Company C chair

Company C bedding

And last but certainly not least,  you won't want to miss the new August/September online issue of Adore magazine from our mates down under.

You can read it here

Need help decorating you space? I can help with anything from a total remodel to freshening up with pillows and accessories. Don't live near me? That's ok I offer e-design services too! for more info contact me at kraussteph@yahoo.com

Enjoy your summer shopping and thanks for reading!! xoxo

Need the perfect seating arrangement? I've got the solution for you ...

Versatile and FUNctional Floor plan

 I have an awesome new client with young kids.  She's so excited to freshen up her family room which is large and bright but long and narrow.

We're  going to make this space more functional for her kids so my number one priority is to make a comfortable cozy spot for the kids to watch TV and also provide additional seating for entertaining and adult conversation.
Since the room is so large I'm going to design two seating areas ... one for the kids to watch TV and one for the adults to hang out and chat and have a cocktail or two or six:)
All the while keeping in mind this could be a room that evolves and changes as her kids get older so I'm going to provide her with a very versatile floor plan.

My answer?  Four chairs and an ottoman. It's fun, fresh and modern and if she gets bored with the look someday she can move the chairs around the house!
check it below.

sarah richardson
otherwise noted all images via pinterest
Here's the  floor plan

You can see the room is long and rectangular but plenty big for two seating areas. 
When you walk into the room you will be greeted by the four funky fun chairs and a table that will immediately make you want to sit down, relax and stay awhile.
But if you want to catch up on the latest sponge-bob square pants episode the four chairs will not obstruct your race to the sofa. Perfect, right?

Here's a few chairs that may work in your home...


layla grace

z gallerie

layla grace

restoration hardware
west elm
serena & lily
Do you have furniture placement issues in your home? Why not try four chairs and an ottoman?

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For the love of floor lamps

 (and another mini before and after)


west elm
Yep, another mini before and after.
Please someone tell me to
Step away slowly.
Before someone gets hurt.

I'm becoming an addict. But c'mon tell me this lamp doesn't look better than it did before????
For some reason I totally forgot to take a real before picture of this floor lamp which I am sooo guilty of doing on several projects (I'm getting better). So I found this picture of the lamp from like 5 years ago. I purchased it from a store called Scallywags that went out of business like 8 years ago and I paid a pretty penny. Trust me on this.
Here's what the floor lamp looked like before...

Now here's the after:

Kind of amazing, right? Doesn't even look like the same lamp, right?
I'm also going to divulge two (2) other trade secrets demonstrated in the above photo.
1. A touch of black in every room is a must. A black lampshade with gold lining makes a simple floor lamp look elegant and rich-looking.
2. Also, if you have light colored furniture like my blue and white wide-striped slipper chairs from Lee Industries... place a textured throw on them to keep sticky, grimy hands away from them! ha - so there you have it.
My plan is to purchase this lamp here to replace the other one...
Arteriors floor lamp in gold leaf
Love it, right?----
But until I do ---this works don't ya think?
 Do you likey? yes, no? or
should I just bite the bullet and get the Arteriors lamp for that spot now?
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Summer rooms and three simple design solutions!

House of Turquoise



apartment therapy

"I  think of  summers of the past, adjust the base and let the alpine blast. Pop in my cd and let me run a rhyme. And put your car on cruise and lay back cause this is summertime" --DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Are you feelin' the summer vibe here?

How can you make your home feel more "summery"?

Try adding more bright white, crisp navy and soft colors throughout your home.

Here's a few summer must-haves:

Furbish Art
Joy & Revelry

Peeps you have to join Joy and Revelry flash sale website!!
These designers/bloggers know their stuff and sell the best items for your home:).

Serena & Lily throw

High Street Market

West Elm

Serena & Lily

Lulu & Georgia pouf
Anthropologie book

Lulu & Georgia rug

Lulu & Georgia rug


Okay today I'm spilling the beans...

Guess what three items I will not and can not live without?

3M Command Strips

Are you still hanging art with a hammer and nails?

That's just crazy talk. You need to try command strips they securely hold large pictures, lightweight mirrors, art canvases and pretty much anything you need to hang on the wall.

I LOVE them. Let me say that again. I LOVE them.

No stress or pressure about hanging something and damaging a wall or changing my mind a week later ... just pull off the velcro strips no problem. But please read the directions and I wouldn't hang anything crazy heavy with  them either. You can read more about them here.

Crazy Awesome Rug Pad

In my opinion,  this is the perfect rug pad. Not too thick not too thin, holds onto that rug like it's his job. Perfect and reasonably priced.

And for the Outdoor Room?
Six plants that repel mosquitoes

Oh yeah ....  it's summer.  I don't know about you but mosquitoes love me. I can't go outside without coming back in with at least ten new bites. The solution? Plant flowers that mosquitoes hate!

So I'll be planting these babies this summer on my deck and I'll let you know if it works:)

Lemon Balm
Citronella Grass
You can read the article here. I found it on my local gardening supply website Keystone Gardens.

How do you get your house summer-ready? I'd love to know!

Want to make your house feel more summer-like? contact me at kraussteph@yahoo.com


Bookcase styled three ways... part 3!

Last and final version... get ready for some serious color!

Kinda crazy with color, right? But fun, no? In this version I tried to spread the color around the display along with some neutral pieces to counterbalance all the color.
Remember 90% of this stuff was the clients own. I did purchase the pink border pillows and the white sheepskin throw. You can read about the other two bookcase styles here and here.
If you like this look and want to achieve it in your home check out the previous versions and add these:
Pink border pillows  - Caitlin Wilson Textiles
White sheepskin -Ikea or
you can use this pillow from West Elm.
Pink tinted wine glasses - here
Moss handbag - Valley Forge Flowers
One last observation... I mixed metals in this display. Are you horrified? Don't be. I thought it worked. Brass table and brass nail heads on the chairs and mostly silvery accent pieces in the bookcase--so don't worry about mixing metals in your own home.
Want to learn the secrets to styling your bookcase? You'll have to wait until my next post:)
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West Elm Grand Opening!

My love affair with this brand continues.

In case you missed it .... I'll take you on my own personal tour of the West Elm store. The PR people may not have chosen these exact words but I'll do my best interpretation (I did have a few cocktails of course -- please don't judge:)

I could totally see James Bond owning this coffee table. And by owning I mean rockin' it in his bachelor pad.

West Elm has this non-stick cookware that doesn't contain Teflon. Very green. Am definitely getting. I have stainless steel now that's a total biatch to clean.

 Love the art. Although I think I might of made something like this in kindergarten. I'll have to check my files.

This floor lamp would complete me.

And all of these accessories had me at hello.
I light it like that ...

I just can't get enough of terrariums, honestly.  Is it me or is it gettin' hot in here?

 More boxes for table stylin'
But I've saved the best bits for last. I have three completely useless trivia facts about the KOP West Elm store but I find them utterly fascinating. I hope you will too.
So, when West Elm opens a new store in a city they use building materials that are found local in that particular area.  Here are three examples of that from the KOP store:
First fact--
Guess what their register desk is made of?
You'll never guess. I had no idea until a girl shouted from the audience "Bread Pans!".  
At first I thought she said bed pans (they kinda look like old bed pans, no? maybe?) and I'm getting kind of grossed out but then I heard them talking about  rye bread... and I was like ohhhhhh bread pans. I totally see it now.
Anyway the bread pans came from an old bakery that was located in North Philadelphia in the 1930's.
Second fact--

The wood behind the West Elm sign was re purposed from window casings from a decrepit old building on Callowhill Street in Philadelphia.
Third fact--
The wood on the roof of the store's indoor atrium was taken from an old barn in Lancaster and re purposed. Pretty cool, huh?
So get out this weekend and check out the new West Elm store. Don't live near here? check it out online. Love this company, their marketing message and so many of their products!
Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoyed my tour!

Guess what I did yesterday?


Here's another hint...

Cleaned out my closet. Yep. It's that time of year to make way for spring and summer clothes.

And umm no, my closet doesn't even compare to the beauties pictured above:) And it was no where near as fun as SJP and friends had cleaning out her closet while popping champagne! (note to self -- next time).

So, before I began this "painful-to-me" task I contacted my good friend Kristin Van Dusen of design + conquer to get some tips to make this brutal task more efficient and dare I say more enjoyable and ... Guess what?

She delivered! So, of course I had to share her tips with you and I'm thrilled to have her guest post today. Take it away, Kristin...

Kristin Van Dusen, Certified Professional Organizer.

Hi! Kristin Van Dusen from design + conquer here!

Closet giving you trouble?

No problem just follow these tips and you'll have this task conquered in no time!

Look at the current set up of your closet and begin removing everything by section.  Use your bed and bedroom floor space as a staging area to divide everything into 5 categories:

1. Keep
2. Donate
3. Consign (if you want – otherwise combine with donate)
4. Action (take to dry cleaners, needs to be fixed, etc.)
5. Come back to later

Don’t spend longer than 30 seconds trying to decide which category to put something into.  If you get locked up just put it in the “come back to later” pile and re-visit it after you have gone through everything else.

Beware of keeping items for emotional reasons.  When you keep an item for emotional reasons, every time you see this item you have a sub-conscious mental dialogue with yourself that stirs up various negative feelings. From guilt (“I can’t get rid of this – my mom gave it to me”) to foolishness (“I can’t believe I wasted so much money on this”) to just plain feeling bad about yourself (“I used to be able to fit into this”).  That’s a whole lot of negative mental chatter every time you enter your closet. 

Once you have narrowed down your keep pile (remember only those things that make you feel good when you wear them!) sort them by category- shirts, pants, dresses, jeans, suits, etc.

Hangers are everything!  Be sure you have wooden hangers for coats/suits, satin padded for delicate items, and slimline hangers for everything else

slimline hangers here

Once everything is out of the closet and sorted, it’s time to clean the closet.  At a minimum use a damp cloth and a vacuum.  If you’re really motivated you can even slap on a fresh coat of paint.

Before you start putting things back into your closet, take the time to really think about how you use the space.  Stand in the empty (and clean!) closet and think about how you would like it to function for you. Don’t put items back in the same place just because you’re used to seeing them there.  Think about flow and efficiency – things you wear frequently should be towards the front of  your closet - off season or infrequently worn items go towards the back. If you have double hung rods, consider if you are more comfortable looking up or down and hang your go-to items accordingly.

As you begin to put your sorted clothes back in, it’s worth it to take the extra few minutes to refine each category a bit more by how you wear them .  For example, break your shirts down into those for work, those you wear casually, and those for a night out on the town.  If you’re feeling particularly inspired you can even sort these new groups by color.

For items such as sweaters that are better folded, you can put them on a shelf with dividers, you can place them in a hanging canvas bag or use an acrylic sweater drawer from The ContainerStore.   I use these multi-purpose drawers ALL THE TIME as they come in a variety of sizes (shoe, shirt, sweater, etc.).

 For extra shoes that don’t fit on a shelf, a cubby or an over the door shoe organizer – or for those shoes that you don’t wear often, the shoe drawers are easy to use.  You can even pop a picture of the shoe right on the face of the drawer so that if it is on a high shelf it’s easy to see what you have.  The large sweater drawers are also great used in conjunction with dividers to break the space up … think of storing accessories like belts, clutches, etc. in here.

A lot of people like to display their jewelry – and let’s face it, some of the pieces are so beautiful they really are art!  Use a collection of hooks, frames, a pegboard … whatever works best to display what you have.

Organizing your closet can be a daunting task … use these tips to keep yourself motivated and moving along.  Before you know it, your closet will be one of your favorite spaces to spend time in!

Thanks Kristin! xoxo - you really are a life-saver! If you want more information on Kristin and design + conquer you can contact her here!

 Random Thoughts


Also impressed again  by this ... I mean really ... how does she do it?

What a difference. Go here to learn more. This chick Cara needs to come to my house and transform me. Like Tonight.

Before I go here. You're coming tonight right?

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How to Style a Coffee Table With Four Simple and Meaningful Elements


I'm going to make this super easy and give you a quick formula for a stylish table all of your friends will envy.

You'll need four elements of varying height, shape and texture such as:
1) "Meaningful to you" Coffee Table Books
2)  Fun Tray
3)  Fresh Flowers/Greens
4)  Sculptural elements, knick-knacks, etc.
I have styled many a coffee table in my day but I'll be honest all I have on my table right now is a tray and a topiary.


Funny you should ask. Remember this guy?

And, yes, he is about to eat a sand-covered crab
Code Name: Pig-Pen, Master of Disaster, Bam-bam
His mission: To have as much fun during waking hours as possible -- Good for him. We should all live life like this!!
Result:  Life's one big partay!
Until something breaks.
Which it does
So if you're like me and still have little ones a tray and something unbreakable may be the best style solution for you and your coffee table right now.
But a girl can dream can't she? ... so here's my no fail formula for stylin' and profilin' your table. I'll admit I'm jelly of all you gals out there with beautifully styled tables!

Here's what you'll need ...
Coffee Table Books

I try to use books that have special meaning to me in addition to pretty books that go with my décor. I know we've discussed how your home is a reflection of you and your family. Try to be as authentic as you can when you decorate!
I wrote about some of my coffee table faves here. I buy books at my local bookstore but if I'm trying to keep costs down or if I'm in a jam I shop at Amazon. Or I scope out my local Barnes and Noble for bargain coffee table books.
Here's a few I found recently that "speak" to me:
Because I Love Roses
 We love to visit this city

This is where my great-grandparents were born

This would be great for my brother-in-law
I am speechless when it comes to Adele's attitude, beauty and talent

For Mad Men lovers

You feel me? Are you pickin' up what I'm puttin' down? Don't just use pretty books include books that are meaningful and fun in the mix.

If you want a real conversation starter how 'bout this one?
Jonathan Adler
People, you can't make this stuff up ...
Moving on. 
Some other pretties: 

Once I have my books I stack them in three's placing the largest one on the bottom. Some tables are so large that you can have several stacks on top and bottom. 
You can coordinate book
colors with your decor or mix them up. Also to save $$ take the covers off some of the hardback books you already own. I'll bet they can work too!
Next to my books I typically place a tray. I wrote about a few of my favorite trays here. You can make your tray more personal by having it monogrammed.


Additional tray sources:

iomoi see below for source


 on the tray I place more books and/or ...
Your Favorite Flowers/Greens/Branches
Real or fresh work best. If that's not happening I like to have preserved boxwoods or faux flowers that look so real you'd never know. This is a great place to add height to the vignette your putting together -- see below.

AND then...

Sculptural elements or knick-knacks
These items can sit on the stack of books or on your tray. If you haven't added any height to you table scape now is the time. I wrote about these elements here.
jonathan adler
Oh my god - I have been looking everywhere for a brass banana.

brass urchin at high street market
High Street Market

House Beautiful, obviously:)

design manifest 
So there you have it. Hope it was helpful;:)
I also hope to see you at the West Elm grand opening in KOP on Wednesday night May 15th at 6:30 pm. I wrote about that here!


Top Ten West Elm Faves!

Do you have plans on Wednesday, May 15th?

Well, you do now!

You should join me for the Grand Opening of the West Elm store on May 15th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Court at King of Prussia.

The invite was sent via an email from the PR peeps at West Elm who are reading my blog!!  How crazy is that -- my little ole blog???  

They sent me this invitation so that I could invite all of you very hip and stylish readers to the grand opening. So join me May 15th and you'll receive a 10% discount and a portion of the proceeds will go to our furry friends at the Main Line Animal Rescue:)

Don't live near here? No problem. Pour yourself a cocktail and settle down at your computer and do a little online shopping. Because I'm going to highlight the top ten besties you can find at West Elm.

Here they are in no particular order.
Look close enough and you may even find a mother's day gift!!
 Branch Lamp
West Elm
$399 in silver
I definitely see this in a library to add a little whimsy to all the serious stacks of books.
 Tall Butler Stand
West Elm
I wrote about the West Elm trays here.  I NEED to get one of these for $149. Just stick your West Elm tray on top and instant tray table! I can think of so many uses for this pretty little thang. I could use it like above as a bar or as a side table with books and a table lamp. ooooh so many choices! 
Huron Outdoor Sofa
West Elm
I'm crazy in love with this outdoor sofa. So fresh and modern. It could be it's own separate seating area on a patio or a secret garden!
Belize Stripe Hand Towels
West Elm
$10 each
 (I know VERY reasonable)
Love the bold stripe with the bold monogram!
 Embroidered Pueblo Pillow
West Elm

Just because it's so pretty.

 Claudia Pearson Hot Dog Plates

 West Elm
 $16 each

Because they are hilarious. And crucial for summer barbecues!

Origami Coffee Table

 West Elm

Just love the lines of this piece and the bone tile top!

Dhurrie Rug
West Elm

Because it's lying there all graphic and stunning in carbon.

Mirrored Frames

 West Elm

I have seen these in person and they are stunners!

Weathered wood spheres

West Elm

Great for a coffee table, on top of a stack of books or on a bookcase to add a little texture.

So there you have it! My faves and hope to see you next week at the grand opening!!

Random Thoughts

Pretty Room of the Day

Suzanne Kasler
Masculine Room of the Day
LOVE them both!
Until next time!!
Thanks for reading!
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More Outdoor Fun ... can you stand it?

The sunny weekend weather has put me in a mood!

Is anyone else thinking about this ???
 or this??
I am. 
Not too long before we're beachin' it folks!!

OK, let's continue building our own outdoor oasis with some great planters I found to go with the loungey furniture you just bought.

Planter Round-up
love these planters in white don't you?

Warning: prices below range from reasonable to the ridiculous:)

Medium Planters 14"- 22" high

West Elm
14" height

Home Depot
 14" height $39.00

Home Depot
 18" height $59.98

20" height $119

21" height

19" height

Restoration Hardware
16" height

Restoration Hardware
medium 18" height $505

Large Planters 23"

Smith & Hawkin
23" height

Grandin Road
what a color. totally bananas.
23" height

Crate and Barrel
24" medium jar

23" height

Restoration Hardware
 30" height

Restoration Hardware
 28 1/2 " height

Grandid Road
kinda crazy huh?
26 1/2" height

24" height

27" height

So once you have the planters, what do you do with them?

I don't know about you but I'm going simple this year with ...

Boxwoods and loads of creeping jenny

And, window boxes filled with white begonias and impatience.


Totally Random

Here's what I bought and am LOVING....

For the home

Suzanne Kasler
Circa Lighting

Bought for a client but am secretly hoping she hates it and I will have to keep.

Why allow a perfectly awesome lantern to go back to a cold, lonely, dark warehouse?

For myself...

Incredible skinny jeans
Pilco Jeans
$78 on sale. hello?
I have them in white. I didn't see them online in white but check the store in Wayne. So comfortable and flattering. Best fit ever and guess what? They won't strangle your poor ankles like other skinny jeans do.

And...these from Louella...

I bought it in this color ...

So wearing it to the beach this summer.

Have you been to Louella yet? If not "prep" yourself for some fun with these ladies. Incredible clothes and your guaranteed to leave there in style with some fun summer pieces!

And one last item on the agenda....

Have you ever seen this? Of course you have! Humor me and watch it again. I just L O V E  JT and JF together:)

 The latest History of Rap aired a few weeks ago.
The best is  History of Rap Part 1 -- go find it on youtube.

Looking to spruce up the inside or outside of your home? Contact me at kraussteph@yahoo.com.

Need Some Inspiration For Your Outdoor Space?

Have at it:) ...


My space. I know it's crying for an outdoor carpet, some fresh pillows and plantings. It's coming and it's gonna look crazy good (I think)! So stay tuned...


Furniture Restoration Hardware

Outdoor Seating Roundup!

Ok people, I have perused the internet for your enjoyment and mine and found some nice loungey furniture for you. I gathered up pieces at all different price points so you can enjoy your outdoor space as much as we do! Check it out below...

Kipling at the Well-Appointed Home
sofa $4922


sofa starting at $3295

set $4895

starting at $395 for balcony seating

Restoration Hardware - yes this is outdoor!
starting at $2800

Restoration Hardware
loveseat starting at $1250 cushions not included

$2799.99 includes what you see here
Pottery Barn
set starting at $2349

Crate and Barrel
Chair starting at $924 with sunbrella cushions

Includes: Seat Cushions, Seat Cushion, Ottoman, Ottoman Cushion, 3 Toss Pillows, 2 Right Arm Sectional Seats, Back Pillows

West Elm
cushions included

Includes what you see here for $895

Home Depot
Includes what you see here for $799

I hope this helps with your shopping efforts so you can relax and enjoy ... now all we need is the warm weather to go with it!

P.S. In case you didn't know the new West Elm store will be opening in King of Prussia on May 16th! (yipee)

Feast Your Eyes on This -- I'm Just Green With Envy!

Those lamps

That wall color

This wallpaper

These rugs

images above via pinterest

I picked one element in the above rooms that I adore,  but they can be big ticket items.

So on that note ... here are my top five most-adored accessories that you can add to any room that will make an impact, look fantastic and not cost a lot of money or time! 

Here we go...

Call me tra-zy!

West Elm trays are my go-to's because they're inexpensive and big. I like big trays and I can not lie, so if I want to add texture to a room I use the raffia version below.
West Elm

When I need to add a pop of color it also comes in this great orange.
West Elm


Jill Rosenwald

It's aint a party unless your wearing ...  a fabulous lampshade.

A quick way to update a room is to change out your lampshadesYou could add a large, plain drum shade like this.

Restoration Hardware

Or why not get all funky and stuff and add one of these

Shades of Light
Shades of Light


Shades of Light

Flowers, Branches and Greens ... oh my!

Live and fresh is best for your table.

But, if you don't feel like buying fresh every week they make great preserved boxwoods that you can buy.

Restoration Hardware
What the What?

Kelly Wearstler

West Elm



These are little doo dads that are usually small in scale and just add interest and fun. They serve no real purpose but they add a little somethin-somethin to your table/ottoman/bookcase.

Read about it!

Coffee table books. These are my favorites...



Now that you have all of this stuff what are you supposed to do with it?

Well silly, if I told you that what would you need me for?:)

Until next time!

If you've been reading this blog since its inception, you know I have no problem with words. I am however totally speechless over the senseless tragedy that occurred in Boston. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and the far-reaching impact this tragedy has had over all of us who have been watching this unbearable act unfold.