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Happy New Year! Haven't written a post since November--yikes!  but boy I've been up to my eyeballs in design.
Sourcing some cool lighting from Urban Electric.

Started the process of decorating a beach house! So excited. LOVE beach houses. The house is a total gut job hasn't been touched since the 70's. SO fun!
Here's one of the MANY design boards to get the ball rolling

This is how the house looks now. You can only imagine...
It's gonna be so good when it`s done. Stay tuned.

I've been working with clients on a whole house renovation. It's a beautiful old home built in the early 1900's. The entire house was taken down to it's studs saving as much as the original wood work as possible.
The first room we're decorating is the front room/living room/entry.
It's a beautiful room with an awkward layout. It will be used for adult conversation and fireplace watching. Stay tuned for design decisions and furniture layout. I know your on the edge of your seat, right?
These were installed in a college apartment.

Custom window treatment
duralee fabric to the trade
Here's where they hang.
Coffee table CB2
Mirror Pier 1

Love the above mirror from Pier 1. It's totally fab and needless to say perfect if your on a tight budget.

Table pier 1
art Stephanie Kraus Designs
flowers - owners

When designing this dorm/apartment everything had to be purchased and installed within a few weeks. Furniture, rugs, dishes, artwork so everything had to be quick ship or purchased off the floor. Quite a challenge but it turned out perfect for this young student!

And boy has college living come along way since I was there!!

Thanks for reading this past year and I hope your new year is off to a great start... here's a peek at some of the projects that appeared in this blog in 2014


Happy Thanksgiving, newsworthy, client happenings and black Friday possibilities!

I've got a lot to get to but first --- Happy Thanksgiving!

I need to get off this computer and start brining my turkey asap. If your hosting you may want to check out my post on how to set a simple holiday table -- here!

Just found out the Philadelphia Inquirer is going to interview one of my all-time favorite client's for it's Sunday Haven home section. Very exciting!
Here's the kitchen the Inquirer will be writing about:) You can read more about this project here and here or wait for the article!
 Here's what I've been up to this past week (according to my iphone anyway)

Checked on the progress of a total reno for a fun, fabulous and young family... here are some pics

LOVE this gorgeous window

paint color is nimbus Benjamin Moore

Some of their beautiful lighting was installed all from Visual Comfort.

This is probably my favorite lantern of all time --- I use it a lot -- I just can't help myself:)

I've also used it here about a year ago

 you can see more of this room HERE

The lantern below was chosen for it's versatility.

We're going to start with it hanging semi-flush to the ceiling but eventually we're placing a large circular entry table in the space and we'll lower the lantern to give it a more formal appearance.

Like this

Another one of my favorite sconces. I love it's simplicity and modern lines.

Here's the kitchen in progress

And their new modern master bath
On another note...

We installed these classic yet beautiful navy curtains in a family room I've been working on...

We also added a gorgeous navy textured wallpaper in this home.

F. Schumacher
More pictures to come later as these spaces develop!!

Or if you want more... check out my feed on  Instagram. So much more going on over there!

 And last but not least I wanted to share some items I've been wearing and loving... possibilities for some black Friday shopping!!

This fur vest

I layer this over a black turtleneck...

525 America

These leather leggings ON SALE!!!

And the most most FAB, WARM (yes, warm) coat


That's all for now!
Thanks for reading!! xoxo

Sources, Secrets and Tips on my ORC dining room reveal

Before I share the details and secret sources for my dining room I wanted to thank you for reading this little design blog and leaving so many kind and thoughtful comments on my dining room refresh.

In addition to the amazing Linda from Calling it Home...
Thanks  to Bungalow 5 for this shout out on Insta
And to the Centsational Girl for this mention!!
And for the mentions from...
Sherry Hart at Design Indulgence
who killed it with their own ORC!
Jennifer at Rambling Renovators
so, so grateful:) xoxo
So here's some more scoop on the dining room. I will try to keep it short and sweet.
Hummingbirds from Cole and Son. You can check it out here.
You can purchase through the trade, online or at your local fabric/wallpaper stores like Aubusson Home and Pryor's in Wayne, PA.
I always recommend  to clients that we determine how many rolls of wallpaper we'll need before we start our search. Most companies charge by the single roll but you may have to purchase in double rolls each company is different. Philip Jeffries charges by the yard. Important when determining the budget for the space.
High-Gloss Paint
I brought the wallpaper to my local Benjamin Moore store to custom match the background of the wallpaper.
Not as easy as it sounds because you can go in so many different directions here. I chose to move toward the greenish/mintish/pale blue tint because I wanted to envelop the whole room in this color and I wanted it be a fresh crisp modern color and not too colonial/nursery blue... make sense?
Window Treatments
Measured for these over and over again. Made templates. Walked away. Measured some more. Determined where I wanted my steps on the cornice to start. Other questions I asked myself: How wide did I want the cornice to be at it's shortest point? How far did I want the cornice to extend on either side? What width did I want for my side panels?
 I wanted them to feel modern and not too heavy or "old school" traditional so scale and proportion were so important. The material had to be silk for its lightness. Trim had to be a bright orange. One thing I've learned over the years is when you add trim to a fabric it can change the look/color/brightness of a fabric so I chose to go with the lighter mint color silk and add a darker brighter trim.
Details are everything.
I ordered lamps from Bungalow 5 that I LOVED but they didn't arrive until the day after the photo shoot (insert knife in heart).
So I picked up these lamps at Home Goods. Yep, these beauties came from Home Goods and were 1/10 of the cost of the lamps I purchased and guess what? I'm definitely keeping them and no you can't have them:). I have a secret Home goods if you know me or you're a client of mine you know my Home Goods. Not all Home Goods are created equal my friends:)

Painted a high-gloss revere pewter
Knobs and pulls Anthropologie (the day before the shoot!!)
My furniture before paint job
with large paint swatches on top. In contention were classic gray, stonington gray, and revere pewter
More Modern and Fresh
There were many sources for this mirror Shades of Light offered me the best price with my trade discount.
Gold tray - bought local Valley Forge Flowers
White vase - the

That's all for now! More scoop and details in my next post!
Thanks for reading!! xoxo

One Room Challenge - Dining Room Reveal

Well, it's a wrap. 
Not a total makeover but a good old-fashioned refresh.

To do list:

New lighting - purchased new lamps. Contemplated more modern chandy and sconces. Didn't get that far:)

New carpet - ordered but not in so I borrowed the chunky one from my family room. Totally works.  Most likely will like it better than the one I ordered.

New mirror- check.
Paint furniture - did that.
Bar cart? - borrowed from living room but its staying.
New art - yep. not sure if its staying... jury's still out.
Host chairs- ordered not here yet but did borrow these two Lee Industries chairs and they look fab:)

I installed the wall covering about 4 years ago but I wanted to paint below the chair rail the cool blue/minty green found in the background of the paper to wrap my room in that fabulous color. Probably should have painted crown and base boards???

And the star of the show... the window treatments. Thank god they made it and were hung last night.

Feel of the room that I was shooting for?
Pretty, classic and tailored yet bright and cheery!

So check it out below...


The pillows you see in this shoot were not fabricated for this space... they're actually for a client but they looked so good in here that I'll drop them to her tomorrow! Thanks L! xo
Window treatments are a two-step cornice box with lined panels made of 100% silk and trimmed in a 2 1/2 inch wide, bright orange trim.
This is the only delicate material in the room. I placed benches in front of the windows too keep dog noses and kid's hands at arms length.

Bar cart is Bungalow 5.
 My furniture was professionally painted in high-gloss revere pewter from Benjamin Moore. Tip: This is the perfect neutral  paint if you want to keep your room and furniture light and airy... looks much lighter on furniture than it does on walls and I LOVE it!!




This is what the room looked like before I started.... not horrible but unfinished.

And Now

By the way I love these window treatments so much I find myself staring at them constantly smiling inside:)

So there you have it!!

Thanks for reading!!

Thanks to my girlfriend Joanne Posse photography who took these pictures! LOVE her! And to Steph Shaw Designs for her advice and support and NB for the ice bucket! HA!

Check out the rest of the linking participants here! I'm heading over now:) Thanks to Linda at Calling it Home to compel me to finish this space~ xoxo

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Scenes from week 5 of the One Room Challenge

Furniture has been tweaked

Art has been selected

Still waiting on window treatments, lamps, carpet and host chairs...
Not sure if they're going to make it but hey that's life! Stay tuned to see finished project.
I'll be honest I have NEVER done a room in 6 weeks. Never. I just can't. Wish I could. But almost done is just as good in my book, don't you agree???
Go here and you can check out the other participants!

Raindrops on Roses and how to pick the perfect paint color

Paint color is the last thing you choose when decorating a space so "they" say and I totally agree.
It's best to have a jumping off point like a fabric, carpet, a piece of art or better yet all of the upholstered pieces or bedding in a space before selecting a wall color.  
But in some cases it's just not possible as in the case of my client who is renovating an entire house and taking everything down to the studs.
Here are some pictures after the drywall and trim went up. Fireplace still needs new trim.

With the construction going on and major decisions to be made like flooring, cabinetry, countertops etc. it's hard to decide what furniture will stay in your house and what will go. In a perfect world we would have every new piece of furniture selected prior to reno but that just ain't happenin.
In this case the client will be purchasing all new furniture for the first floor but she wants to take her time and make smart decisions on the purchase of these new pieces especially her sofa... the workhorse of the first floor family room.
We know we want a sectional that has spring down cushions (usually an upgrade found on custom sofas) because it's important that her sofa won't be "mushy" and she won't have to constantly "fluff" up the cushions so the sofa looks presentable.  This is a complaint I hear often from clients who have all down cushions.
We also know we want a performance fabric one that will stand up to her two small children and "someday" dog:) So a good sofa is a smart investment in her mind and I whole-heartedly agree
"Buy the best and you'll only cry once" -- Miles Redd
The builder however can not wait for us to try out every sofa in town and select the most perfect fabric and he wants to keep on schedule so we are selecting paint colors now.
So how do you go about selecting paint when you don't have everything in place?
Take the fixed items in the room that won't be changing anytime soon and pick a neutral from there. For example for the kitchen we used the flooring, countertops, backsplash and cabinetry and kept in mind our potential feel for the space.
Also the whole first floor is open so we decided to carry the same color all the way through the first floor.
 Now my client knows she wants to use purple in some of her furniture on the first floor and was looking at selecting a pale lilac paint color. I actually discouraged her from doing this because every room she paints a different color would be an upcharge and who knows what shade of purple her furniture/fabric will be and lord only knows that there are so many pretty pale purple wall colors out there and also who wants to match there furniture to their wall color??? Your better off paying to get the room painted the exact shade of purple you want when you have the other elements in place. And who knows purple may be passé by then or maybe pale purple walls will not be the right decision if she falls in love with purple chairs... get my drift?
So what did we select? For the first floor we selected Nimbus taking into consideration the dark hardwood floors, white high-gloss trim, marble, white cabinetry and grayish backsplash, it will be a stunner!
For her son's room we used the furniture and bedding in selecting our paint color. We were definitely thinking blue so we tried palladian blue, woodlawn blue as well as a few other paler blues but felt they were too babyish or too much like her son's current pale blue. In the end we decided to go with a color he can grow with which was Hale Navy. And it matched the current bedding perfectly.
And for her daughter's room we chose raindrops on roses by Benjamin Moore. In this space it was the perfect combination of pale pinky/purple that will go with her current bedding and furniture. Here it is on the wall which brings me to my final point on paint colors... you must put them on the wall in your space and look at them at different times of day and different light. Just because raindrops on roses takes on a lilac feel in this room it doesn't mean it will in your space too!!
So there you have it ... keep checking back as this project gets completed!!

Client Before and After

I am working on a first floor design project with such a fun, smart and amazing couple in Bluebell! I totally adore them and their crazy dog:)
Here's where we started
Kinda of man-cavey, no?
Here's a sneak peek of where we are now
(still needs art and accessories)
Kitchen was installed by builder without my client's participation. I think she would have chosen an all-white kitchen.
What to do when you can't have the dream kitchen you always wanted?
You put in the most fab pendant lighting ever!!!
I also don't hate this gorgeous new chandy in the Dining Room.
Here's a glimpse of what was there before:(
I don't mess around when it comes to lighting and it goes without saying we are working on cleaning up that fireplace:)))))
Stay tuned for more progress on the Bluebell house! It's such a fun design project:)

One Room Challenge: Week Two

Pathetic Progress

Here's what happened this week
Yikes. Not good.
But here's some forward progress
I think I've settled on the right shade of silk and trim for window treatments.
I've spent a lot of time and measuring and re-measuring for these window coverings. I do a lot of measuring ... walk away.. re-measure. make a prototype. Measure again. My brain is fried with this window project....but I think it'll be worth it in the end! It's basically the star of the room:) 
That's all I've got. Like I said pathetic. Now do yourself a favor and go check out these talented people who have made more progress than I could even dream of... here!


Blue and White Bash!


I'm over at the Pink Pagoda participating in the Blue and White Bash!! Go here to check out other participants.

I'm a huge blue and white fan. I love how it makes any room come alive.
So many of my designs are grounded in blue and white.

Here is my latest room in progress...


The jumping off point of this room was the middle fabric from the South Seas collection from Thibaut.
These chairs were the first purchase for the room. The pillow will be monogrammed in a black script because honestly my client and I are suckers for a good monogram!
Here are a few more images
What's next for this room? Accessories, art, etc.
Thanks for reading and go check out the rest of the blue and white bask at the Pink Pagoda here!

A new playroom Design board and fab table lamp!

Here's a design board for a new client. It's a play room/computer room.

One of the elements I've just decided we're going to incorporate is a brushstroke lamp from
You can purchase them here.
They come in several different colors and you can even customize the color. So fab! Here are a few more...
I adore them!! Don't you agree??
Thanks for reading!! xoxo

Throwing my hat in... the One Room Challenge

Okay just decided five minutes ago that I'm going to throw my hat in for the One Room Challenge.

The One Room challenge comes from the genius mind of Linda at Calling it Home you can check out the 20 Participants here. It's a crazy talented group of bloggers.
 and the linking participants here!
I'm pretty sure I'm going with a refresh in my dining room.
Here are some of the elements I'm thinking of including in my room.
These window treatments...
This mirror
And a bar cart...
That's all I have (literally) I need to get this project in gear!!
Thanks for reading!!

Tweaking a client's space

I have this awesome new client whose style is what I would call sophisticated cottage. She called me in to help her tweak her space and "finish" the room.
Easy job for me... she has great taste.
So I'm going to show you where we started and where we are now.
Warning: not a dramatic transformation since where we started was pretty fab.
Here's where we started
Here's a peek at where we are now
Host chairs - Restoration Hardware
Light- Horchow
Monogram - Tibbar Tibbar Wayne, PA
Topiary - trade item
We replaced the heavy, wrought iron light fixture with a pretty chandelier from Horchow. We removed the piano and bird print from the back wall and are commissioning a new piece of art for that space. We replaced the white queen ann chairs with square cane back chairs for a more formal feel and added host chairs with monogrammed slip covers.
Here's where we started with the china cabinet
Where we are now
Square back cane chairs - Restoration Hardware
Clients own pottery and coral from Pottery Barn
This was a simple fix. All we did was streamline her collection of plates and pitchers and made the vignette symmetrical and added the pretty, modern geometric Thibaut wallpaper to the back of the cabinet. All we need to do now is change out the hardware for a more sleek look.
Here's where we started on the other side of the room

Here's where we are now
Table lamps - Lighting by Design
Mirror and box - Home Goods
We removed the white chest and mirrored frames and replaced them with a more modern chest and an on-trend round mirror. This really added a lot of warmth and texture to the room:)
We still have some more updates to make so stay tuned and
thanks for reading!!! xoxo

A window into my world...

Gotta whole lot of pretty happening around here.
Let's start with this living room...
Beautiful new silk curtains were installed last week.
This space is stunning. Go ahead take a peak around...
You can read more about the velvet chairs here.
Such a breathtaking and beautiful space:)
Here's a sneak peek at another window install I had this past week.
Will share more pictures soon!!
Moving on...
Saw this on trend round mirror at ikea for
 only $99
I am working on this pale blue and coral fabric scheme for a young and hip musician living in philly. The above mirror will most definitely be making an appearance in her new space:)
Loving this indoor/outdoor carpet for under a kitchen table

That's all for now!!!
Thanks for reading!! xoxo

It's all about the base.

Starting with a basic piece and customizing it to fit a room/client's taste is really the most fun part of my job. 
 It's also what takes a room from looking generic to looking fabulous!
Here's a couple of recent pieces that I have customized for clients. (if you follow me on instagram you've already seen)

Here is the base piece I started with
similar here

Windsor Smith fabric
Nanotex with dura-block (trade)

Base x-bench

similar here

You can see a few other pieces I have transformed here, here and here.
Look around your home is there a tired old ottoman or other small upholstered piece that could potentially become the star of your room?
Speaking of a base piece...every room needs a good base.
I found this awesome article on the
You can read it here!
And last but certainly not least... you have to see this bathroom redo from Sherry Hart at Design Indulgence.
 She took a basic bathroom and turned it into a funky, fun bath!
Check out the before here!
Thanks for reading!! xoxo

Design Bits and Piece Part II

Still reeling from the end of summer
and the frantic race to get the kids ready for school.

Haven't had time to write a proper blog post so I thought I'd share what I've been up to lately.
First off bought this Mecox Gardens chest for a steal for a client's entry while on vacation. Typically I don't purchase on a whim but this was just too good of a deal to pass up.
Here it is in the entry not styled and the mirror needs to be hung but it works ... whew!
Love how the mirror ties in perfectly with the hardware on the chest!
I've also been sourcing a lot of lighting lately.
Thought these pieces were cool and a bit different.
For a play room/boy's room or kid work space

Industrial looking shade with a chalkboard on the inside of the shade.
Chalkboard is not real:(
I've always wanted to use this Branches Chandelier
Gwyneth Paltrow had an even pricier but similar one in her home in the Hamptons prior to her unfortunate unconscious coupling situation.
Here's a pretty alternative that would be great for a girl's room at

I've also ordered one of my all-time favorite large lighting elements for a client from Robert Abbey's Bling collection.

I'm using this chandelier in the dining room of an old stone house with vintage Baker furniture. It will be the star of the room -- can't wait to see it come together.

Oh, and have you ever wondered about the ...

Me too! Check out the article here from Domaine Home. Definitely will be trying the Matouk Sierra Hemstitch (starting at$75). If your local you can purchase Matouk bedding at the Blue Turtle in Wayne, PA:)
That's all I have!
Thanks for reading!!  xoxo

Back from the beach with design bits and pieces

It's been about a month since I last posted:) Glad to be back and share some project updates.
This morning we installed the final element in a family room I have been working on.
White linen Robert Allen
Greek Key trim Pindler & Pindler
trade only
Wall color is Chelsea gray by Benjamin Moore
These roman shades are simple clean and crisp. White linen with a medium gray greek key trim. The pictures do not do this room justice. The treatments TOTALLY made the room!
Also notice how adding light pillows to the dark leather couch brightens up the whole space!
Just down the hallway we installed this treatment in the powder room.
So fun... don't ya think?
In other news...
I had a chance to check out Windsor Smith's new collection for Century Furniture for a client's living room and it's fabulous!!
Classic with a modern spin. You can check it out here.
Here are a few of my favorite pieces
So pretty:)
That's it for now. Thanks for reading!! xoxo

It's been a pillow kind of week...

Delivered these beauties on Monday
Along with the pale blue animal print with chocolate trim
Duralee animal print
Last but not least these hot pink velvet ones trimmed in a pale silver

Duralee velvet

These chairs were delivered to a client in such a pretty pale blue

A window installation went down like this


And I fell in love with these CR Laine swivel chairs

And I'm so excited I may be using this lacquer strie Phillip Jeffries wall covering in a new client's home!
Design by Bradley Stevens
There you have it!
Thanks for reading!! xoxo


Wanted: Wallpaper

My Phillip Jeffries rep just left and it was a wonderful reminder of all the fabulous textured wall coverings made by this company.
Here's a peek at some of my favorites
Mad for Plaid
It's Greek to Me.... Love the orange colorway
Great for a girl's room
I look at this and I think Beach House.
All of these wall coverings are handcrafted, not machine-made.
To take another look or learn more you can check out the Phillip Jeffries website.
Some other goodies I spied this week...
A stunner in person
And talk about purple crush
That's all folks. Thanks for reading!! xoxo